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DJ AM and Travis Barker Were Critically Injured in a Private Jet Crash of the Day

I know I make fun of DJ AM all the time, I call him gayer than bicycle shorts and it’s gone on for so long that he has personally told me and people I know that I am a pain in the ass, and when I met him a couple of times when he was randomly DJing events locally, he was always a decent guy to me, so I almost felt bad about teasing him, but continued doing it anyway because I am an asshole.

Just last night I was talking to a dude who was going to bring in these guys to play a show here and who was telling me how AM just got hired as Kanye’s new DJ and despite popular belief, I never talk about AM in my everyday life so it was weird to wake up this morning to a text message from my German whore fucker, saying that AM almost died in a plane crash and I felt responsible for possibly wishing death upon him in various posts over the years. The truth is that I don’t hate AM and I don’t think he deserves to die, or be in plane crashes. I just thought he was accessible enough and an easy target.

Either way, thanks to some miracle, probably the same miracle that got AM rich for spinning records in the first place, AM and Barker survived with a whole lot of burns to their bodies and are in critical condition but Travis Barker’s assistant and bodyguard died and so did 2 other people. I guess there’s more info to come from this story and despite my constant teasing, I wish both these dudes the best of luck and a speedy recovery.

I blame Shanna Moakler and just don’t understand why something like this doesn’t happen to someone who deserves it, like the stars of The Hills or something…..ya know!?

The pilot, Sarah Lemmon who died was a woman…I don’t trust a woman to drive a car, mow the lawn, pretty much do anything let alone fly a fuckin’ plane, this is an example of how letting women out of the kitchen and into the work force doing man jobs just doesn’t work. AM and Barker should have got off the plane the second she greeted them with the flight plan before they took off…I know I would. I’m just saying….what? too soon?

See the Plane’s Wreckage and Read the Story

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  • chris

    ♥♥♥3rd degree burns are rich & celeb.♥♥♥

  • kendall

    Aww, Jesus, you disappoint.
    Most of us can agree, the world would be better off without these 2 douchebags.

  • izz


  • Candi Apples

    I don’t have much respect for DJ AM and Travis Barker,but I do feel bad that they were so badly injured.

    Too bad Travis Barker didn’t die though,then he wouldn’t have that skank Shanna Moakler to deal with anymore.

    Maybe it’s bad karma for Travis Barker,cause he dated
    Paris Hilton,and went back to Shanna Moakler.

    Same with DJ Am,how do you recover from being known as the dude who was fucking a skeleton?(Nicole Richie)

    Maybe deep down,they were sad that they did not die.

  • tranceman

    Another white guy wearing a sideways baseball hat. Sheesh!!!!!!!!! What a wigger.