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Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson Confirm Their Lesbianism of the Day

One of my life’s great tragedies is that I am not friends with Sam Ronson or Lindsay Lohan, but I could have told you they were having sex a long time ago. I could have also confirmed it when I went to a Sam Ronson show here that gave me a headache, when I went to take a piss and she was at the urinal next to me taking a piss and pulled her fingers out and slid them under my nose and asked me if I liked the sweet smell of Lohan’s cunt , and I didn’t because it smelled more like stale whiskey, cigarettes and a dirty homeless man’s asshole.

Either way, they were on the Loveline, with some asshole wannabe celebrity DJ named Stryker, talking about AM and the plane crash and basically having a who knows AM better conversation, dropping words like “dude” and “homie” in a rough New York rough accent, despite being rich and private school bred from England and Lohan got on the phone to confirm that she is dating Samantha Ronson, I don’t really realize why this is a story. I thought it was already confirmed and it doesn’t matter, what does matter is that those who wear shiny pants together, stay together.

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  • Ronny Rumsfeld

    At least the Ronson bitch doesn’t look too much like a man in these pictures. She usually looks like a 14 year old boy. I’d do her.

  • Ronny Rumsfeld

    I’ve been thinking about what I said and it just wasn’t right. I’m sorry.

    I’ll do Lohan and Ronson and give them all the babies they want. The kids will be smart, tall, and attractive and they won’t owe me anything. I’ll have already gotten mine from treating them like the semen sponges they are.

    How can they loose. Jesus, I know you’ve got their emails. Set me up with them – in trade I’ll send you pics of their saliva covered fun holes.

  • Hassenpfeffer

    Well yeah, daddy Lohan has been molesting this bitch since birth. Heance a dike. Duh. Whatever who cares she is just a washed up junkie…not that she had any talent to begin with. Really she should be dating Britney.

  • Candi Apples

    Lindsay Lohan is do-able,if a dude doubles up on condoms.

    But Sam Ronson has no redeeming qualities,and she only gets uglier,with every pic I see of her.

    Sam Ronson is certainly no beauty,so Lindsay must be with her,cause she can do magic tricks with her tongue.

  • You would not believe how long ive been googling for something like this. Through 6 pages of Yahoo results and couldnt find anything. One search on Bing. There this is…. Gotta start using that more often