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DJ AM’s Vintage Rolex After the Plane Crash of the Day

So I went to a concert this past weekend, it was one of those DJ things with people who are down with DJ AM. I made some joke to the girl next to me who was some hot little slut, with a tight, round ass that I could balance my drink on, while using my hands to do other more important and inappropriate things to her, because I wanted to make her laugh since making a girl laugh, makes her panties come off even faster than drugging them, and it is a lot less suspicious when leaving the club, since you’re not pulling her by the hair.

Anyway, I said something along the lines of “I hear that DJ AM is providing pyrotechnics for the show” then did my best impression of a man running around on fire, she didn’t laugh. Then about 20 minutes later, I pulled out my lighter, lit it and said, “Look DJ AM is in the building”, again, no laughs….except from me because I thought it was hysterical.

Here is a picture AM posted of his rolex that was on his arm during the crash, looks pretty fucked up, but not as fucked up as a wedding DJ who can afford a fucking rolex. This is a crazy world we live in and AM is an asshole.

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  • Senile

    Don’t want to sound cruel but, His little private jet crashed and I just can’t bring myself to fell sorry for him. He can afford a big house, very nice car and probably waste more money then I will ever make. When I have trouble making ends meet does he give a shit about me? NO! So what else can I say except “Now it sucks to be him” I wouldn’t want to be him!

  • Mattiavelli

    I am going to use those jokes!
    And to Senile- my problem with the whole thing is who the 2 famous people got to push their way to the door first, while all the workers and helpers sat waiting for their turn.