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Nicolette Sheridan’s Ass in a White Bikini of the Day

There’s nothing like seeing a little Michael Bolton sloppy seconds strutting her old lady body that puts most 20 year old bodies to shame around in a bikini, knowing that he ruined her like he ruined Frank Sinatra’s Music back in 2006. I do know that her body is definitely the kind of body you can try to pretend is still a virgin when you get with her, despite knowing that the only reason she’s on TV is because she’s not a virgin, if you know what I mean. If you don’t, bust out your mom’s Desperate Housewives Season 1 DVD boxset and see her trying to act, not that that would be too hard of a task for your lazy body, considering you keep it hidden under your bed for those lonely nights alone….which are pretty much every night…..

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  • Danny Ocean

    to bad she is so fuckin ugly cause thats a nice ass

  • Pete

    She’s rockin’ that bikini.

  • Not to offend anyone, but from this angle I think I would lick it. Up close though it is probably riddled with cellulite, moles, stretch marks etc. But assuming none of that is there, I would lick it.

  • Green Is Good

    How many hours does she spend in the gym? Yikes, her body is smoking hot.

  • Bossy

    Just needs a good brown bag because that mug is as much older as her body looks younger.

  • PeachGirl

    She’s looks amazing! Dudes that talk about cellulite, or stomachs and stretch marks? Yeah, you basement dwellers…. how about your bodies? My guess is you’re younger than 30 and either spindly as hell or fat and sporting a hairy back. Your last date was your left hand after your right hand quit in protest. The closest you’ll ever come to having a real hot woman is by rubbing a maxim spread on your distorted bellies and hoping to hell your momma never discovers why your socks are yellow.

  • Tracy Bussan

    don’t forget to put the astro-lube away after you’re finished in the bathroom! we want don’t want mom going in there after you and discovering that you’re playing wack-a-mole to somebody older than she is…

  • PeachGirl

    Hahahaha. Good one Tracy.

  • Bob Smith

    I would spooge into that, but it would be wasted, because that hasn’t been fertile ground for about 20 years.