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Hayden Panettiere Gets Political on Funny or Die of the Day

So now that Hayden Panettiere is 18, she feels like she’s got the right to talk politics and preach her bullshit opinion. Here she is for Funny Or Die, making Will Farrell richer while making videos that aren’t funny, doing some pretty weak sarcasm telling people to vote for McCain if they want to die and that they should also take up drinking and smoking and having unprotected sex with random people, which I have to agree with, but I am not saying it to be funny and I don’t want to get political here because it’s boring, especially coming from someone with no business talking politics, so I guess what it comes down to is that Hayden Panettiere should DIE because that video was a bust, as was this post, but at least you can look her dropping the f-word while jerking off to her pictures now…..

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  • Rick Hatman

    I’ve got to say this wasn’t funny, however, hearing Hayden Panettiere say “fuck” was pretty hot so I’ve got that to masturbate to now so that’s good. They should change the name of the site to Funny or Masturbatable or Die.

  • ha

    lol i was just thinking that. It just kinda rolled off her tongue… like she is used to saying it

  • pennwood

    I love it ! I suspect it’ll grow on me as the evening wears on, I’ll be LOL by 7.
    Thanks for the post.

  • Skin Head

    Damn… I guess she’s gonna die then cause that was not funny at all. Too bad, she would be a nice piece in a couple years, if she grows up.

  • asifwecared

    not bad