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Funny or Die Still Isn’t Funny – The Natalie Portman Edition of the Day

So Funny or Die came out with another political viral video with a celebrity friend trying to be ironic, or funny, or whatever the fuck this is and it is garbage. If you haven’t seen it, it’s Natalie Portman and Rashida Jones (who?) playing in a bed with puppies as their response to the economic crisis. I am not the smartest guy around so I don’t really get what they are getting at, maybe that the public is ignoring the real issues and focusing on the fluffy materialistic shit, or that we are distracted by shitting and pissing creatures we think are our friends but are really just using us for food, when the real issue is that people like WIll Farrel, Natalie Portman, Jessica Alba, Hayden Panettiere, companies like Funny or Die, NBC, Viacom, MTV, Saturday Live, Lorne Michaels, Tina Fey and every other celebrity voicing their stupid celebrity ideals are worth millions of dollars. So maybe if they were to shut the fuck up and give up half of their multimillion dollar fortunes and put it back into the economy, instead of being greedy cocksuckers with nice houses and cars and a lazy fucking lifestyle that allows them to have the free time to make this smut, the economy would be in a better fuckin’ place. Stop trying to relate to me rich girl and instead of playing with puppies maybe you should fuck yourself….seriously…like stick random things inside you…ideally while gagged with an apple like a pig at a roast, not that you’d know anything about pork, Jew…but at least the video would have some kind of substance, rather than this piss.

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  • if that was actually funny then diarrhea tastes good.

  • HorneyLohanWanker

    Two Jewess cum buckets.

    Ah, to have been the camp guard for these two, I woudl have saved them form the ovens, but their assholes would have been stretched, that’s for sure.

    Vote Obama!

  • It’s interesting that so many people here (In a country of mostly black folks out of an entire bunch of 375,000 peeps)want every one to vote for Obama and they all seem to have those silly vote for Obama stickers, the only problem is: Nationality. That’s right, we’re all fucking Bahamians and if we were to over stay or visit in the United States, we’d get fuckin deported. Hell if we were to apply for a green card it would take months if not years to process the application and U.S. Immigration wouldn’t allow that person to travel until their request has been processed. Sucks it does, so Natalie and the other unknown gal and all the others who encourages people to vote, and by vote they mean solely if not only Obama, means less than dick since whom ever is in office, I’m still a fucking immigrant.

  • n2tattoos

    i’d like to eat their gefilte fish.

  • jackhammer

    you see how they hold the puppies up to their faces, to show that all jews, even the one “supposedly hot one” have dog faces…..