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Kellie Picker Performing of the Day

Hey, Guess What? I’m not dead. I am just lazy. I figure why get up in the morning to entertain your assholes, while I can fuck around and entertain myself. It’s more fun.

Speaking of tits, here’s Kellie Pickler performing a song that she wrote herself. I was surprised that it was just her name over and over because it’s the only thing she knows how to spell, but maybe her grandaddy taught her more than just how to give a solid blowjob and not tell anyone about it.

Either way, here’s the video, because shitty country is a good way to remind you that despite it being Friday, the day every 9 to 5er is hard for, you know, waiting all week in excitement for this day to roll around, whistling around the office asking everyone what their weekend plans are, you sit at your desk depressed because you have no plans, not friends, and nothing to do with yourself. It’s just going to be like every weekend, where you just sleep in, the sit on your couch with takeout and dvds, wallowing in your own filth, waiting for Monday to roll around so you can at least interact with other humans again…fuck you TGIF for ruining my life.

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  • Pete

    That’s a great video clip! I’d love to spray a keg of DNA on Kelly’s fake ass tits!

  • Bob Smith

    That’s one idol chick who figured out that you have to stay slim and fit if you’re going to be in public.

    Look at Kelly Clarkson. Fat, cellulite. Even if she was talented I wouldn’t listen to her now. But marginally talented and fat is not a great combination for stardom.