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Chloe Sevigny Bikini Pictures of the Day

Chloe Sevingy is another one of those celebrities I don’t understand why they are famous. She was like the original American Apparel hipster back in the 90s, when she got Aids in Kids and lived in Manhatten in some loft, hanging with fashion designers, musicians, artists and drug addicts. She would go to all the fashion shows and was seen at all the events and was eventually eaten up by the media and labeled a fashion icon, despite lookin’ like a fuckin’ clown who took herself way too fucking seriously, making me wish she had actually got Aids in Kids so that she’d be too buy throwing up from the Aids Cocktail to go out to all the events she was at…I guess I just don’t like seeing girls who I don’t find hot getting all this positive attention.

The only redeeming quality she has is that she gave a bareback blowjob in Brown Bunny and I’ve always been the kind of guy who pretty much encourages real sex in mainstream movies, because I hate that candy-coated soap opera love making shit you see in movies, it fucks up girls perspective on how their supposed to get fucked, and leaves them unsatisfied because you didn’t open-mouth kiss them and rub against them like you were the only two people in the world, but instead flipped her over, fucked her from behind and “accidentally” came in her ass, and claimed you didn’t realize you were in the wrong hole, despite intentionally being in the wrong hole…ya know….

Eitehr way, she brought her pasty skinny body out in a bikini…..

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  • Bob Smith

    What’s the deal with the chick with the bad prison tattoo on her arm? It’s like she was forced to do it to herself to avoid being killed by some Russian gang in the slammer.

  • Peny

    HA! Like any real woman ever actually has sex with you, you skeeze.

  • yvette

    she is hot.

  • I personally find her to be extremely adorable and tasty. Check her out in “Broken Flowers.” She is hot in a geeky kinda way, which is what I prefer.