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Fran Drescher’s Got Hot Teeth of the Day

I hate Fran Drescher’s voice. That shit drove me up the fucking wall and whenever I’d hear it, I’d want to jump off a fucking bridge, but I could alway turn her off, her teeth didn’t have the same luxury and I guess after a lifetime of having to expell that obnoxious screeching, they’ve pretty much given up and are slowly trying to make their escape by killing themselves because whatever the fuck’s going on in her mouth, it’s fucking disgusting.

Speaking of rotten mouth, I went back to some girl’s house last night, hoping to get lucky, but instead decided to slip some GHB in her drink to make things easier, but shit wasn’t GHB, leaving her poisoned in bathroom puking, where I anxiously stood outside the door, listening to the sloshing sounds coming out of her stomach, waiting for her to come out, because I invested 5 dollars in the shit, and was planning on getting something out of it, so I grabbed her and started making out but I wish I didn’t because she didn’t brush her teeth like she was Fran Drescher and I ended up with chunks of half digested food in my mouth, but it wasn’t so bad after I got used to the taste.

Bonus – Here’s a video of Fran Fine Meeting Fran Drescher on The Nanny in one of TV’s Classic Moments…in one of TV’s most underrated show, because it sucked.

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  • I can’t believe I used to jack off to this one.

  • slkdfj

    i love the show the nanny. i still think shes a hot bitch even though it looks like i could use her teeth to butter my toast.. theyre so yellow.

  • Hassenpfeffer

    Fran Drescher? WTF No talent cunt has done anything in over 10 years. And The Nanny sucked. At least you could have posted an old shot of her tits.

  • Ghita

    Fran Drescher was raped while her husband was forced to watch. Go jack off to that. I’m going to. As a matter of fact, I’m doing it right now. I’ve got my dildo inside of me and I’m pretending that there’s a knife at my throat and that my husband is in the corner of the room, hog-tied with a sock in his mouth, whimpering, and I’m about to cum.

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