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Fran Drescher’s Got Hot Teeth of the Day

I hate Fran Drescher’s voice. That shit drove me up the fucking wall and whenever I’d hear it, I’d want to jump off a fucking bridge, but I could alway turn her off, her teeth didn’t have the same luxury and I guess after a lifetime of having to expell that obnoxious screeching, they’ve pretty much given up and are slowly trying to make their escape by killing themselves because whatever the fuck’s going on in her mouth, it’s fucking disgusting.

Speaking of rotten mouth, I went back to some girl’s house last night, hoping to get lucky, but instead decided to slip some GHB in her drink to make things easier, but shit wasn’t GHB, leaving her poisoned in bathroom puking, where I anxiously stood outside the door, listening to the sloshing sounds coming out of her stomach, waiting for her to come out, because I invested 5 dollars in the shit, and was planning on getting something out of it, so I grabbed her and started making out but I wish I didn’t because she didn’t brush her teeth like she was Fran Drescher and I ended up with chunks of half digested food in my mouth, but it wasn’t so bad after I got used to the taste.

Bonus – Here’s a video of Fran Fine Meeting Fran Drescher on The Nanny in one of TV’s Classic Moments…in one of TV’s most underrated show, because it sucked.

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Britney Spears Upskirt for her Dentist of the Day

The shocking news of the day is that Britney Spears goes to the dentist. I was never really disgusted by her hygiene because I know that a woman with that kind of money can’t have a pussy as rank as some of the hookers I’ve hung out with. I am talking the kind I could smell just sitting next to them on the bus on my way home with them, because I’ve never owned a car and have to get them somewhere private somehow and cabs are just out of my budget, especially when I am saving all my pennies to get the most I can get out of them, like ideally having them let me go down on them and other naughty things that leave me smelling like their rank pussies for a couple of days because like Britney, I’m not too into showering and like revisiting my purchase as much as I can because I like getting my money’s worth out of anything.

Unlike me, Britney hit up the dentist today because I am more into seeing how much laziness leads to tooth loss, and she flashed her panties while doin’ it. These are the pics.

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