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The iGallop of the Day

Someone emailed me this product that came out a while ago called the iGallop. It is designed to bring the horseback riding experience into the bedroom, or living room, or wherever the fuck you want to pretend you’re riding a fucking horse, without actually having to buy a horse, house a horse, and take care of a horse. Shit looks like a classy version of a sex machine because when you take off the dildo attachment, pretend it’s a high society, like an equestrian simulator, the orgasms it gives you feel a lot less humiliating than rubbing up against the dryer at a laundromat.

To think you thought your only horse fetish was Heidi Montag, Haylie Duff, Sarah Jessica Parker and that time you played farm with that manure smelling chick you met at the bar and you put a saddle on, a Horse Tail Butt Plug who you let mount you like this was some beastiality shit after taken her on a ride….oh right that wasn’t a girl…but you get the idea…

Either way here are some iGallop videos I found….

You Look So Gay….

I Doubt She’s 18….But It’s Not Inappropriate Since She’s Just Riding a Virtual Horse…Right?

Short Skirt Asian….

Mall Voyeur

Cat on the iGallop

Fat Man on the iGallop

Innocent Shoppers on the iGallop

Girl Gets a Yeast Infection on the iGallop

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  • Uncle Joe Mccarthy

    its s fucking sybian without a dildo sticking in the middle

  • guyth

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