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Anna Kournikova Stayin Fit of the Day

Today I learned that some thigns never change. First I discovered that Anna Kournikova, a moused faced tennis pro everyone wanted to fuck years ago stays skinny and fit even though she probably doesn’t have to and then I discovered that small dogs still seem to be a gay man magnet because the last 3 times I’ve walked my wife’s dog today, I’ve had at least one gay dude serenade me with questions about the dog, leading to them complimenting my eyes or my broad stature or some sexual innuendos I pretend I don’t quite grasp but know what they are getting at because they assume I’m a poofter too, proving that gay people will fuck anything that dresses in pants and small dogs haven’t lived down the stereotype that comes with them. Unfortunately, I still look too creepy and straight to have hot unsuspecting girls fall for the same homo trick, you know the one where you play gay to gain their trust then switch out on them when they are drunk claiming their pussy is the first pussy you’ve ever wanted to lick for hours on end.

For the record, I didn’t go through with the back alley dog walking blowjob, even though I probably should of, I hear it takes someone who owns a dick to really know how to work a dick….but then again I was told that by a sexual deviant fag trying to lure me into the dark side. Ok, enough of this story. Here’s Anna Kournikova’s tight body……

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  • Bob Smith

    Great ass, powerful legs, great shape, blonde, rich, athlete…. what’s not to like in that package. She would be havin’ my baby right now if she was with me.

  • cowbulls

    I agree with Bob. Those powerful legs would be a sexual treat of amazing perportions. I saw her at a tennis exhibition recently. Her ass was so tight she could crack walnuts with it. She’s capable of being a sexual machine.

  • Still looking good I see. Tennis anyone?