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Pregnant Jennifer Garner Gets Asian Pedicures of the Day

There are at least 15 of these asian manicure places around the shithole I call home. I could never figure out why the Asians were so into this manicure business and why no other culture owned these sexy nails type stores. This one time, I walked in asking if it was a full service pedicure, you know one with a happy ending and the little Asian women looked at me like they didn’t know what the fuck I was talking about, but before I could run away like a stupid high school kid doing a stupid prank at the drive thru window, they’d circle me and try to walk me into their special massage room and next thing I know, I’m getting jerked off for 40 dollars by these little asian hands and that is when I figured out that this pedicure business was actually a handjob front so I wasn’t surprised to see this Asian pedicure shit isn’t something exclusive to my city and was even less surprised to see a pregnant Jennifer Garner running to the back room, escorted by ten little Asians, to get rubbed off…how naughty….

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