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Kim Kardashian Nasty Feet of the Day

Kim Kardashian wears too much make-up because she knows she’s ugly and she’s trying to cover it the fuck up, but it just makes her looks like a dude, which may be exciting for some of you closet cases who date fat chicks cuz they are nice and maternal and when you fuck them from behind their thick back look like your best friend from your high school football team you always had a thing for but still can’t admit to yourself because that would make you gay, while cumming thinking of him just makes you friendly, and fucking a pussy, no matter how ugly it is, by definition means your straight… or however the fuck you rationalize your sexual confusion…

Here is Kardashian getting another fucking pedicure cuz when you’re a useless bitch with a lot of free time, getting pedicures is what you do, especially when you’re too thick to be able to bend over and reach your toes, like me….

Pics via Fame

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Kim Kardashian Gettin’ Worked On of the Day

When I first saw these pictures of Kim Kardashian’s fat arms getting a manicure and pedicure, or what I like to call the procedure all fat girls get to make them feel a little better about themselves, because trying on clothes makes them depressed because their fat selves have to come to terms that they aren’t a size 2. I figured she was just a rich, brat, famous person who is so important and has so many useless things to do that she can’t waste time in one of these sexy nail places, so they gotta keep shit efficient for her….

But then I realized that she’s the kind of girl who only looks good with a lot of maintenance, so these bitches, like hunting an elephant, or running a dairy farm, they are tackling her shit as a team with a strategy and the whole thing is totally not erotic, unless you are into Vietnam war fantasies of raping and killing villages…

Here are the pictures, looks like she’s sad, maybe she’s realized that she’s a talentless piece of shit who is only famous cuz she lets black dudes treat her like a urinal, but I feel she’s so souless that she doesn’t even acknowledge that.

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Kim Kardashian in Some Pedicure Porn of the Day

I’ve posted this Kim Kardashian pedicure porn a few times before. It’s pretty fucking repetitive. I mean following some fat chick on her mundane daily errands for vanity is something I won’t do with my wife, so I don’t see why I am doing it over the internet for this whore, but it looks like I’m in too deep. The truth is that Kardashian gets her nails done because her feet are the only thing on her body that fits into the same size as skinny chicks, so she has to take serious care of these fucking things, because if they were to get all jacked up and fungus from neglect, since she can’t see or reach her toes, she can’t wash them properly, gangrene could set in and she could need to get the shit amputated, leaving her with nothing that fits into the same size as a skinny chick. If she really was out on an errand for vanity, she’d probably be better off going to the liposuction doctor.

Either way, here are the pics and video because you food fetishists will like this.

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Kim Kardashian in Some Workout Gear of the Day

You always see Kim Kardashian out in work out gear, you’d think she was trying to convince herself that if she puts on the clothes she’s halfway there to actually breaking a fucking sweat and getting her dumpy fucking body into some shape. Who knows, maybe on her intentions are legit and on her way to the gym, you know after telling herself that “today is the day”, she just gets sidetracked when she sees an Asian manicure place and by the time they are done on her mangled feet, it’s too late to work out, I mean especially since you don’t want to ruin the pedicure in her gym shoes, so she goes out for ice cream instead. You can’t really blame her for getting poor Asian women up on her shit and grinding her toe nails down, because she’s tried to do it herself but she just can’t seem to reach her feet, her gut gets in the fucking way.

Either way, she should probably be the one tending to a challenging foot, because god knows she needs the cardio.

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Sophia Bush Pedicure of the Day

Sometimes I like to stand outside an asian “Sexy L.A. Nails” place, where women from all walks of life come together to get their feet scrubbed down and painted, to watch them women get their feet touched rubbed and played with. I don’t do this because I am a foot fetishist, but because I want people to think I am. I’m weird like that.

Here’s a video of Sophia Bush getting her feet did that will make you feel like you’re peeping in from the comfort of your own Mom’s basement.

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Pregnant Jennifer Garner Gets Asian Pedicures of the Day

There are at least 15 of these asian manicure places around the shithole I call home. I could never figure out why the Asians were so into this manicure business and why no other culture owned these sexy nails type stores. This one time, I walked in asking if it was a full service pedicure, you know one with a happy ending and the little Asian women looked at me like they didn’t know what the fuck I was talking about, but before I could run away like a stupid high school kid doing a stupid prank at the drive thru window, they’d circle me and try to walk me into their special massage room and next thing I know, I’m getting jerked off for 40 dollars by these little asian hands and that is when I figured out that this pedicure business was actually a handjob front so I wasn’t surprised to see this Asian pedicure shit isn’t something exclusive to my city and was even less surprised to see a pregnant Jennifer Garner running to the back room, escorted by ten little Asians, to get rubbed off…how naughty….

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Kim Kardashian Gets a Pedicure of the Day

Fat chicks love taking care of their feet. Every single fat chick I have met has had an extensive shoe collection, because no matter how fat you are, or how much weight you gain, you can always pull off a pair of shoes. They are the clothing article with a lot of give, because they don’t make you feel like shit when you try them on at Payless or wherever the fuck you buy your shoes you fat slob of a woman, and that’s why it is important to treat your feet like gold by getting pedicures….the other reason it’s important for fat chicks to take care of their shit by getting pedicures, is because they can’t bend over and do it themselves, their fat stomachs get in the way, so back up, or an army of Vietnamese woman are needed for back-up.

I was going to say that Kim Kardashian gets pedicures because the weight her feet have to endure has a pretty negative effect on the condition of her feet, like back when I first started dating my wife and she worked as a cashier at a department store, every night she’d take her stinky fuckin’ callused feet out of her discount shoes and soak them in our salad bowl before asking me to rub the shits, making it pretty much impossible for me to ever eat salad again, or think about, because I did used to rub them, I was more of a bitch back then and she had me by the fucking balls and I am ashamed to admit it, despite having to live with the horrible memories being punishment enough.

I am kinda losing focus here, but here’s Kardashian getting her feet rubbed for the foot fetishists…

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I am – Lindsay Lohan Gets a Pedicure of the Day


Here are pictures of Lohan out getting a pedicure for you foot fetishists out there. I am all about Lohan, I think she’s got it going on on all fronts. I never cared that she got fucked from every angle by every dude, I never cared that she was addicted to drugs, I never cared that she went insane, I never cared when I found out that she has herpes and doesn’t tell anyone about them. I just always wanted to bang her, herpes or not and if I ever had the chance I would have done it raw dog in hopes of landing them so that whenever I got an outbreak, I could show them to my friends and brag that my herpes are fuckin’ designer celebrity herpes, a whole different luxurious strain. Reality is, I’ll never bang Lohan but she’s looking pretty good to me, which isn’t saying much, but it’s saying something….

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