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Kim Kardashian Nasty Feet of the Day

Kim Kardashian wears too much make-up because she knows she’s ugly and she’s trying to cover it the fuck up, but it just makes her looks like a dude, which may be exciting for some of you closet cases who date fat chicks cuz they are nice and maternal and when you fuck them from behind their thick back look like your best friend from your high school football team you always had a thing for but still can’t admit to yourself because that would make you gay, while cumming thinking of him just makes you friendly, and fucking a pussy, no matter how ugly it is, by definition means your straight… or however the fuck you rationalize your sexual confusion…

Here is Kardashian getting another fucking pedicure cuz when you’re a useless bitch with a lot of free time, getting pedicures is what you do, especially when you’re too thick to be able to bend over and reach your toes, like me….

Pics via Fame

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Kristin Cavallari Showing Off Her Feet for Creepy Foot Fetishists of the Day

Kristin Cavallari, someone who is totally useless to begin with, even more useless than the rest of the cast of The Hills, because she wasn’t smart enough to get on that shit when she coulda been the star of the shit, but instead her ego thought she’d get other work, real work, reputable work, respectable work, good work and not bottom feeding work, and it turns out she was wrong, because she crawled back to MTV in what I hope will be the last season of that garbage, that seems to have been replaced with Guidos from Jersey, something a lot more entertaining than this group of cunts, even when they are out showing off their stupid fucking naked foot to all the foot fetishists out there while shopping for shoes….and I’ve already said too much about this twat.

Pics via Fame

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Some Girl Eats A Banana With Her Feet of the Day

Here is a video that dropped last week of a girl trying to eat a banana with her feet while in very little clothes and handcuffed.

The funny thing about this is that it was one of my pick up lines that I’ve tried on girls, you know “hey baby, come over and eat some banana with your feet half naked while handcuffed” but I slowly phased it out when they slapped me, called the bouncer to take me out when I thought they were just going to the bathroom of the club to wash their pussies up for me to eat them out and pretty much never agreed to do it.

I guess it’s just one of those genius things that it took someone to do on video to remind me that although my ideas are good, I need to work on my delivery….

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I am – Anna Kournikova In Some Red Dress Showing Off Her Legs and Cleavage of the Day


Anna Kournikova is probably the most overrated tennis player of all time. I guess she was a nice addition to the sport because she’s pretty hot, and gave men a real reason to watch tennis, because seeing dykes screaming and grunting while flashing their panties isn’t as hot as some young tight bodied Russian chick. Here she is at some event with some fat chick because I the fat chick makes her look skinnier and prettier by comparison in pictures in Miami.

I was at a party with fat chicks the other night too. It wasn’t a very good party and the only reason I was there was because they were part of some group my wife is involved in, like Eating Anonymous or some shit. So here I am in a room full of fat chicks wanting to shoot myself in the head and all their boyfriends and husbands are there trying to have a good time, you know, drinking away their pain of having a wife that looks the way some of these chicks looked. I know some of the dudes didn’t sign up for this shit, but kids and postpartum depression lead to an emotional eating stay at home wife, but some of the other dudes were socially awkward lanky motherfuckers with no self esteem who got in with these chicks who have been fat all their lives because it’s better than being alone and here I am in a room full of them.

My fear was that an orgy was going to be organized, because swinging with obese chicks is when I decide my life isn’t worth living, even though watching it would have been fucking funny. They ended up just doing a conga line and eating more chips than I had ever seen consumed before, and I didn’t have my camera to bring it to you, but I do have these Kournikova pics which are a hell of a lot more interesting than my life and there is a fat chick who would have been considered skinny at the event I was at, but you can pretend.

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