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Shauna Sand and Her Hired Bitch of the Day

Shauna Sand was out taking care of herself because she is a lot of maintenance, like an old car you need to keep on the road because you can’t afford to get a new one or retire the old one, because looking like a plastic monster doesn’t come easy, what does come easy is hiring a male prostitute to carry her shit around like her little bitch because he likes the attention, looks like a bitch and figures it’ll help launch his career, whatever that is, at least more than sweeping hair at the hair salon he worked at before being hired by Shauna Sand, but unfortunatley he can’t come easy no matter how much her pussy looks like balls, it’s just too unnatural looking at all this to say it provides her kids with a real solid and normal homelife…..

Pics Via FamePictures

Shauna Sand Sex Tape Clips Exclusive

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Shauna Sand Maintenance of the Day

Shauna Sand is one of those natural beauties who takes a solid 6 hours a day getting ready. Whether it’s by not eating or puking up her meals, tanning or spray tanning, hanging at the plastic surgeons, polishing her stripper shoes, tucking her dangly vagina lips back into place, putting in her hair extensions or getting her nails done, it is all in effort to create the masterpiece that is her and here are some pics of her working on her cuz she’s got nothing better to day. I’m loving the MDMA hat, I’m sure 98% of strippers I know who go to the after-hour clubs would die for one of those fuckers, but don’t deserve one because they haven’t put the dedication and hard work that this slag has over the last few years…

Shauna Sand Sex Tape Clips Exclusive

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Kim Kardashian Gettin’ Worked On of the Day

When I first saw these pictures of Kim Kardashian’s fat arms getting a manicure and pedicure, or what I like to call the procedure all fat girls get to make them feel a little better about themselves, because trying on clothes makes them depressed because their fat selves have to come to terms that they aren’t a size 2. I figured she was just a rich, brat, famous person who is so important and has so many useless things to do that she can’t waste time in one of these sexy nail places, so they gotta keep shit efficient for her….

But then I realized that she’s the kind of girl who only looks good with a lot of maintenance, so these bitches, like hunting an elephant, or running a dairy farm, they are tackling her shit as a team with a strategy and the whole thing is totally not erotic, unless you are into Vietnam war fantasies of raping and killing villages…

Here are the pictures, looks like she’s sad, maybe she’s realized that she’s a talentless piece of shit who is only famous cuz she lets black dudes treat her like a urinal, but I feel she’s so souless that she doesn’t even acknowledge that.

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I am – Pink Does Lady-Like Things of the Day


The great thing about Pink is how committed she is to pretending that she’s got a vagina, when we all know that bitch is packing the biggest pair of balls Cary Hart has ever seen. Here she is getting a manicure like every normal tranny because having nice nails distracts people from the bulge in her fucking thong.

I got no tranny stories for you today….so just look at the pictures and make up your own or remember that night you slipped up because you were so horny and knew bitch was a dude, but told your friends that you only figured it out after you sucked its dick….if you know what I mean…which you do because it’s your story not mine. Get it together asshole.

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