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Vida Guerra’s Ass in a Photoshoot Video of the Day

People love VIda Guerra’s crazy fat ass, so when I came across this photoshoot video, I figured I’d post it because I am too lazy to sit on the computer all day when everyone else I know is on fucking vacation already, even if that laziness gives me a booty like this that I can turn around and cash the fuck in on, I mean if the world wasn’t such a sexist fucking place, where men can’t get away with just being a half naked whore, and not actually offering anything to the world, or actually working, because being something guys want to fuck means there will always be enough cash flowin’ in.

So all you feminist cunts can go fuck yourself about equal pay and shit, because you have it easy, at least you could have had it easy if you weren’t a mechanic lookin, jean and flannel wearing, shaved head bull dyke that no one wants to fuck…you know the reason why you make such a big deal about sexualization of women in the media is because you’re fucking jealous that you were forced into lesbianism and real work for a fraction of the pay because guys didn’t want you naked….right….maybe you should focus on something you understand, like oil changes.

Either way, watch the ass in action, it’s one of the modern world’s great mysteries….

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  • ixz

    Don’t call me racist but I’m not into black chicks.

  • blach hero


  • Jaclyn

    The forums are so much better than I remember, I want to cuddle you, Jesus. 😉

  • cowbulls

    The color isn’t the problem. Hell, close your eyes if you have to. The problem is I can’t tell where her thighs stop and her ass starts. When the hell did her ass get soooooo droppy. She used to have a great ass. How old is she? She should be looking better than this picture.

  • z

    I dont like white guys either and her azz looks fake to me!

  • 2damtrill

    ixz is a dumbass… she states clearly that she is Cuban you a$$hole, go live in a cave and love the chalky pale color you will be surrounded by. You should keep your stupid comments to your stupid self.

  • Jaclyn

    Yeah…she should probably cover up (or wear a move flattering bathing suit bottom)

  • Jaclyn


  • biff

    butter face

  • Mr. EE

    Butterface big time. And nigger lover all the way. Big turn off.

  • Clayton H

    Oh, do shut up. You’re pathetic.

  • gabes

    Mr EE, you are a fuckin Dbag!

  • Bonzo

    Wow somebody needs a stairmaster.

  • Me

    U white dudes crack me up saying that “I’m not into black chicks”. U know u would hit it if she wanted u to……..Cut tha Bullshit….Besides all ur white girls r fucking black dudes anyway so u might wanna find a black chick……and learn how to keep it pimpin!!

  • terry

    Someone said she’s not black but cuban. Ha! 89% of cuban has black blood flowing in it. It was a slave island. It is mostly mix and black(black). Do your fucking homework. After Spain killed the original inhabitants, they brought us black folks over there to slave. Sound familiar, yankees reading. She mixed.

    Go ask an old cuban why they call cuba little africa, if you don’t believe me.

  • MR

    guys actually like this??? that ass is fat, droopy and is covered in cellulite…please enlighten me. i don’t see it.

  • Joey

    Yea guys ACTUALLY like this. Vida is gorgeous and her big ass is incredible!

  • Tony from T.Dot

    ixz …..you MUST be a faggot!! … Beauty is Beauty … your mom dropped you on your head more than once when you were little RETARD!!!

  • Tony from T.Dot

    Have you ever noticed the way Black people age compared to the way white people do?!?… hahahah ,.. fucking pathetic!! …. … not into Black chicks???? … are you for real??? lmao … EE …. you MUST live in some trailer park somewhere … I can’t believe the shit I’m reading .. to the point I don’t even wanna be associated … I’m out!! ..

    Blind Redneck Motherfuckers!! … still laughing!

  • oofski

    Thank You THANK YOU…. you made my day…

  • dfdfdf

  • George

    you little internet shizzler.