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Jenny McCarthy’s Hot Body in a Bikini with her Brother of the Day

I always wanted to punch Jenny McCarthy in the face, which may not be saying much since I want to punch most women in the face, I think it’s one of those wanting to do what you’re not allowed to do, you know the same reason your 15 year old daughter is rippin’ lines and sucking two dicks at a time while skipping school, only a lot more angry. The reason I wanted to punch her in the face wasn’t just because she had fake tits and a pussy, but because she was fucking annoying. I’d see her yelling aggressively at me on TV back in the 90s used to piss me off in a big way and I’d want to shove that big horse head in the motherfucking trough and hold her under the water until I felt her stop resisting, knowing that enough oxygen was deprived from her brain to leave her in the corner playing with rocks and drooling, calm and not bouncing off the walls screaming at me, like her autistic son, but her body is pretty fucking spectacular considering all she’s been through and how old she is, so seeing her in some bikini pictures works for me since her screechy annoying yelps can’t be heard, but the real thing that makes these pictures hot is that this couple look like fraternal twins and everyone loves seeing or thinking about twins fucking, it’s next masturbation we can envy since we’ve exhausted every masturbation method possible to keep things fresh and don’t have a twin to feel like we’re fucking ourselves.

Here are those pics…

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  • cowbulls

    First, invest in a grammar program that will include periods in your rants. I haven’t wanted a period that bad sense my girlfriend was late.

    Second, Jenny is a fine looking woman that doesn’t mine showing her assets. She gets major extra credit for also knowing what to do with every nook and cranny of her big league body.

  • miguel

    I’d love to stuff my two inches of hard man meat into her shit pipes and give her a cream and piss enema.
    But hey – that’s just my take on the situation!

  • ponyboi

    this is jim carry, not her brother. no one gets the joke if it is your joke.

  • ^^^alter ego to Captain Obvious

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