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Michelle Rodriguez Thanks DUIs and the Legal System For Allowing Her To Be More Dyke Than Ever of the Day

There are Bull Dykes that drive motorbikes, Diesel Dykes who drive big rigs and Van Dykes who have their own TV shoes in the 1960s and then there is Michelle Rodriguez. This bitch has more testosterone than the prescription my doctor gave me 5 years ago to man the fuck up, but instead turned me into an alleged rapist who got off because they could prove the testosterone treatment turned me into a superhero, a fate probably a lot better than the girl who I allegedly raped, who has to carry that shit around with her for the rest of her life, sucker.

Unfortunately for Michelle Rodriquez, getting off usually involves a strap on dildo banging against her oversized steroid clit as she sodomizes random whores she meets at her local college’s gay and lesbian club, or wherever the fuck you meet women who fuck women, and getting off doesn’t come to her after getting busted for a DUI, where her hard knock sentence involved a couple hours of community service, when regular people end up in jail for that shit.

What the judge didn’t know, is that Michelle Rodriguez always dreamt of being a construction working, shit was in her blood and in the imaginary testicles she used to grab whenever no one was looking, so giving her a rake, a hard hat, some steel toed boots, a reflector vest and some orange garbage bags is not really a punishment for this dude, it’s a fuckin’ dream come true…..

Here are the pics, until the paparazzi make me take it down…..

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