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Lindsay Lohan in Interview Magazine of the Day

Lesbian Lohan is in the February issue of Interview Magazine. I am sure I could come up with something clever to say about these pictures, but I’ve decided to try to masturbate to them instead. I figure she needs a little dick, and if I can manage to work this limp dick into something functional is probably a great compliment to any girl. It’s actually on the same level of those miracles you see at evangelical churches, you know where the bitch on crutches walks after a preacher speaks in tongues and convulses for them like he’s channeling some kind of holy energy….I blame drinking.


I didn’t manage to finish the job, in fact, I hardly started. I sat with my pants around my ankles, my limp flesh in hand and nothing. I had to stop, I felt my neighbors’ eyes judging me because I don’t have blinds…but I figured why not share the pics with you….since that’s pretty much what I do every fucking day.

BONUS – Here’s a video of her shopping at Burberry alone and I think one of the Paparazzi calls her a bitch before asking her how the single life is treating her, even though her and Ronson are still rubbin’ cunts…..

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