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Haylie Duff Taking Out the Trash of the Day

I saw these pictures and the caption read something like “Haylie Duff Needs a Personal Assistant to Take Out Her Trash” or some shit implying that she was above taking out the fucking trash. The person who wrote is obviously a fucking idiot, who is confused and thinks this bitch is more important than she is because she may or may not have been on TV once. I always thought she was just her sister’s personal assistant, and even at that, taking out her sister’s trash is not part of how she gets paid, because I know if I was a personal assistants and asked to take the fucking trash out, I’d take a shit in my bosses bed. Not that I am above taking out the garbage, sure I am more into letting it pile in the corner of my one room hell I call home until it’s disgusting rotting food smell masks my wife’s stench but I am against being demeaned by taking out other people’s garbage and clean up their messes like I am some kind of piece of shit.

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  • roscoe


  • nik

    umm…she is bringing in a garbage can….an open for a lot of jokes, honestly. also it’s personal assistant there should be no S.

  • meme

    Call me. I love it. 1-240-361-1354