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Shauna Sand is Still a Monster of the Day

The funny thing about Shauna Sand is that she tried so hard to be the embodiment of the stereotypical perfect girl. You know the kind of girl guys would freak out over, trying to understand how god made such an ideal candidate to jerk off to, because she doesn’t realize we can identify plastic surgery, and she didn’t realize was that in her process of trying to become the perfect sex object to be lusted for and jerked off over, she’d end up looking like a fucking monster. You know like a girl who locked herself in her bathroom and gave herself botched surgery, botched tits, and the more she tries to correct it, the bigger mess she becomes. I guess it’s all pretty funny, except for the handful of guys she’s turned gay because of the nightmares they had of her crawling out of their dad’s playboy magazine and into their beds to rape them with her various stapled on body parts that end up falling off in the middle of sex. It’s all pretty disturbing.

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