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Lindsay Lohan’s Girlfriend Looks Like Her Dad of the Day

I got this email:

this is why lindsay and sam are together…because sam looks like lindsay’s dad.

i’m no scientist…but i think lindsay might need some therapy to heal her issues with her dad…so she doesn’t date chicks that look like him.

that’s sick babe.

comparison pic attached…

Now I am no a scientist either, but I don’t think this is an issue of science, I mean it’s definitely not the cure to addiction or HIV, but it is common for girls to date dudes who look or remind them of their fathers. I guess when their dad’s are total fucking fuck ups who I hate and don’t even know, they turn to pussy, but I guess they just can’t break free from going for what they know.

It’s no secret that Lohan is hopped up on the booze and drugs she snorts as a result of having horrible parents and no childhood making her this weak scared victim, it’s also no secret that Sam Ronson looks like a man, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say that Ronson looks like’ Mike Lohan, but it wouldn’t be a shock if we found out she was one of his many love children he doesn’t know exist because he was blacked out from substance abuse and Dina Lohan’s annoying demands.

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  • Mylowe Wooley

    I’ll bet that Sam has a bigger penis than Michael.

  • Watching

    That’s a pretty big stretch. And SR doesn’t look like a man, she just doesn’t fit the stereotypes of what is feminine. But I do think LL has her father’s ears.

  • Watching

    By the way, men aren’t the reason some women are attracted to other women. The reason is women, doofus.

  • Watching

    Wooley, you are so witty and original I can’t stand it.

  • Sarah

    Samantha has her hair short, walks funny, has a few boyish gestures, likes to wear jeans and sweaters… so that´s why the writer is saying she looks like a man??

    Leave the girl alone, she doesn´t mind what you all think of her, in case you didn´t know.

  • KBro

    I wonder if she bleaches her asshole.

  • nisru

    and i bet lindsay probably spray tans her asshole!

  • Iam Legend

    sarah, leave her alone and miss out on all the funny stupid things she & firecrotch do….no she has a target painted on her ass by linds, while linds has a target tattoed on her ass so samro knows where the fun spot fer them is.
    now we need tia tequila to give them a lift to where ever and we all know tia loves to go lickety split when she is at the wheel…and ellen page can bring the whipped cream…this is too easy

  • Echo

    Um, Sam looks a LOT like Spock in that picture. Someone research this!

  • ginger

    The writer isn’t saying she looks like a man Sarah you fucking dumb ass, read. She said she looks like her dad, meaning there is a fucking resemblance. And if this bitch doesn’t care what we think of her, why are you defending her? She’s a fucking dumb bitch with no education, who goes and hosts parties every night with a celebrity known for doing class A drugs and drinking her ass off… she must be really intelligent.

  • Easy E.

    No offense… But if I was in a bar, and Sam took a swing at me, I’d probably mistake her for a man and hit her back. Sorry. She looks very masculine. Having said that. It’s her style, and she’s entitled to it.

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