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Coleen Rooney is Still in her Bikini of the Day

I know what you’re all thinking, that I can’t be doing another Coleen Rooney post, I’ve done so many already and she’s not even worth looking at in a bikini in first place, but like every experience I’ve had at public beaches or places where girls wear bikinis, I am forced to stare at any girl in front of me, no matter how disgusting she is, especially when she is the only one around.

The truth is that I know that no one is actually thinking about why I am doing another Coleen Rooney post, because no one, including me cares. So here are the pics.

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  • Dustin

    I thought playing soccer in Europe meant you could get chicks that didn’t inhale birthday cake.

  • miguel

    She should really get that cancerous black scab just below her left ass flap seen to. Or I might be mistaken and it is, in fact, a dried piece of her rectal fudge. I’m betting on the latter because minor celebrities will stoop to anything to garner attention these days.

  • Expletive

    nice fat ass, sweet fudge belly. Now that is sweet.

  • Bob Smith

    The thing is, as weird as this gal looks on stage, when you see her in person, she looks exactly like any other girl walking down the street.

    It just goes to show you that it’s the normal looking chicks that are the real freaks.

  • She’s a little bottom heavy, and has small boobs. Bad combo.

    Who is this girl anyway?