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Kanye West is an Asshole of the Day

I hate Kanye West. You can tell dudes an insecure little pussy with no friends. He just secured a deal with Luis Vuitton to make some hip hop shoes for them, because that’s how these big corporations work, hire a celebrity to be the face to a new direction they are taking their shit.

Now he’s on some ego trip. Like he’s a fashion icon, because not only did his mom suck his dick and make him feel like a star when she was alive, but so did everyone else. He is the kind of guy in dire need of getting beat the fuck up and the only way we can do that is to not buy anything he does, or participate in his music.

That means, everytime it hits the radio, call your radio station and complain. That means standing outside your local record store staging hunger strikes and shit. This motherfucker is detrimental to the world and needs to be stopped.

In this video, he’s decided to joke around about changing his name to Martin Luis the King Jr and I find that offensive. Kanye hasn’t progressed society in anyway, he’s just a little 5 foor 6 cunt with small man syndrome and no mother.

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  • wow

    great musician anyway, can’t care less how asshole he is. i don’t live with him

  • Clementine

    He makes my skin crawl. I don’t think that he’s great. I wouldn’t call him a musician. I like the music that I hear to be made with instruments… He’s just begging to be ridiculed acting like such an arrogant douche. Arrrgh!

  • braaaaandon


    He is a whiny, self righteous stupid little bitch. He cries when he doesn’t get awards, he shows up 12 hours late to his own concert, he thinks he’s the best entertainer of our generation but in reality his songs only appeal to pre-teen idiots and people twice that age with a similar mindset.


  • Mike

    “he’s just a little 5 foor 6 cunt with small man syndrome and no mother.”

    Thats a low blow, even from a DoucheNozzle like you. The dude lost his mother who he was very close with, and you’re making light of it. Thats just wrong. Fucking asshole.

  • Liz

    Mike get over yourself….you know it’s true

    Kanye was a momma’s boy….sad that his mom died…she kept his ass on a leash….
    Fucking kanye needs to shut the fuck up already…what a delusional shit for brains asshole….he is a shitty performer….look at his snl performance…enough said

  • 1001001

    If I had to call someone a nigger, he is the one.

    If you think rap is ‘great music’ I don’t know where your head is at. Sure, maybe it’s catchy, but talent? No, this guy just sings about pussy and his ego… and there was that Jesus song but we all know god is bullshit.

  • 1001001

    *if you can call rap singing.

  • Bob Smith

    His last album, the papers raved about it was the greatest album made in the last 10 years.

    So I gave a listen and realized that when people say he makes great music, they have fundamentally different definition of music that most people.

    His stuff is pretty unlistenable. I think a lot of urban kids listen to it because it shows street cred to say “yea, kanye he’s one bad-ass ****”. I have a theory suburban kids buy it but don’t listen, urban kids download and don’t listen, and they sell concert tickets just so people can get coked up and party.

  • Karma

    Karma is a bitch and if he keeps thinking that his cocky attitude will get him places, I am sure karma is waiting. He beat the traffic accident, but now he is dissin his fans. They say “don’t bite the hands that feed you”…Karma…

    I’ll admit his music is good. But I hate his attitude.

  • Pineapple Andy Kaid

    Can you say yard ape?

  • Dr. Rosin

    Criticize him for being insecure all you want, but this video demonstrates exactly why he should be. A grown man behaving like this should be wind-proofing his cardboard home and looking for a suitable vein to place the needle, not making millions of dollars and adorning the title of celebrity (although that’s about all the designation is worth these days). His delusional narcissism has grown to such a level he’s reverted back to his infancy, playing make-believe and giving himself superhero-esque nicknames that only hope to properly express the size of his perceived greatness.

    It may get ugly when this one is dumped by the public; I’m imagining something involved a diaper and a cross-country transit to the VMAs. It should be quite entertaining.

  • fksdljfkld

    i’m sorry, but whoever rhymes klondike with blonde dyke obviously has no talent. his mom died b/c she was getting liposuction or something.

  • sarah

    I’m surprised he didn’t Auto Tune this video…

    Whiny b*tch, I can’t STAND him. And the shoes are FUG. What was LV thinking?!