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Paris Hilton Interviews Lady Gaga and I survived of the Day

So Paris Hilton is a huge fan of Lady Gaga’s, which means you need to stop listening to this cunt now. It also turns out they went to school together and I am sure Paris Hilton didn’t give her the time of day back then, meaning that her giving her the time of day today is some fake shit that you’d expect from Paris. But since Gaga was always seeking approval of her peers, proven in how she tries so hard to be different because they didn’t let her in their circle, she’s probably got a fucking female boner now that she’s made it. Who knows, maybe Paris helped lauch her career, maybe they are actually friends, but I do know that 5hiw interview is fucking tedious to watch and that Gaga’s one single is her only fucking single because I hate her and her rich kid trying to be different by pretending to be a fucking artist bullshit, not to mention, she’s fucking disgusting looking and I expect more out of the girls I see on TV walking around in their underwear. If I wanted to see a fat half naked ass in action, I’d just pull out my mirror and drop my pants and start my fucking jig I’ve been practicing all day, so I don’t need to see hers.

Sure, I’m all for people ripping off drag queens by dressing like assholes to get attention. I am also for people ripping of Christina Aguilera’s singing style and putting it to hipster shit, but bitch needs to take some fucking ownership to the fact that she’s just another mainstream popstar and not some revolutionary fucking artist paving the way for the next generation of artists. Real artists don’t host parties with Paris Hilton. Ever. They are too busy being crazy in their basements cutting their ears off and sodomizing themselves for creative inspiration. Maybe Lady Gaga would be better off in a fucking gag, unfortunately, the only thing she’s gagging on is her fucking chin because that’s the only explanation as to where it went. She needs to be working at American Apparel with the other try hards, pretending she’s so unique, instead of on the radio ruining my day, becuase that way only her immediate friends and the suck ups who suck her dick and feed her that false sense of confidence would have to hear her talk about how cool she thinks she is and how she’s on the next fucking level…so different that her fuckin creative venute is going to take the fuck over…..instead she’s just a fucking cookie cutter popstar who I want to see disappear.

Here are some pictures of the night at PUNK which is probably anything but PUNK, you know with a VIP list and security that won’t let you in with cameras and shit. I am posting them because I have them, not because I think they are worth lookin’ at. This girl is a waste of space, but at least the world’s given her the stamp of approval she’s always been lookin’ for….even if it only lasts a few months….she can always say she made it….that she was an artist and a talent and the world recognized it.

Here is some Paris Hilton at the event because she is just a fucking monster and her black panties probably smell like pure shit.

Here’s some Chick Named Mutya Buena Showing Off Her Panties Leaving the Event….what kind of name is Mutya…You know sure she’s a fucking dog, but do you have to drive the point home by naming her that Mr and Mrs Buena?

Here’s the Only Good Coming Out of Gaga’s Clown Costumes, and That is the follower whores who may or may not be famous because I am not good at recognizing this shit…

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  • 1001001

    Oh god.

  • hobz

    god i ove the dramatic irony. lady gaga, then paris upskirt. awesome!

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