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A Little Bethany Hamilton the One Armed Surfer With Some Ass of the Day

You probably all know this Bethany Hamilton chick, she was a pro surfer who got eaten by a shark when she was 14 and just getting into the pro scene. She ended up losing an arm, making double handjobs pretty impossible, but she kept at surfing and is an inspiration to us all that no matter what is thrown in our path, we have to overcome, but more importantly to the lazy amputees you see around who feel sorry for themselves and smoke pot all day while jacked on prescription pills because they can’t feel things for themselves anymore since they have no limbs.

I am posting these because she’s posing with ass and not because I’m into rubbing my dick up on stumps like that weird guy I wrote about a few weeks ago, not that I am disgusted by her condition at all, but I just don’t think it makes her hotter than if she had a couple arms. Ya know.

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