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Juliette Lewis in Some Mom Shorts on Set of the Day

Juliette Lewis is still working and here she is on the set of something called Sympathy for Delicious. I didn’t bother looking it up because I figure it’s not going to make a difference and I am lazy, but I do know that I have mixed feelings about this girl. Part of me is disgusted by her because she looks like every cheap hooker I’ve ever seduced with a 20 dollar bill because they were desperate for whatever drug they were addicted to, but at the same time, some of my best times were spent with some of these girls, I think I may have even felt love for the first and only time with one of them. I am not going to get into it because it’s Valentines Day and I like to front like I have no soul, but I will let you know that before she died, every night we spent together was fucking magical, despite how disgusting it smelled. I guess that along with love being blind, it also has a sinus condition that makes it unable to smell too.

That said, here is some rich person, crackwhore wannabe slut on set in some trashy shorts.

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  • Maria

    I actually like the shorts. And she has the legs for them, too.

  • Greg

    I have always had a thing for her. She is sooooo hot.