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Kanye West’s Vagina of the Day

So some Kanye West video just dropped and I figured I’d post it because everywhere that’s talking about it is saying shit like

Its not your computer this is how the video really is Kanye west ft kid cudi Welcome to heartbreak


Kanye makes a revolutionary move by making a video that will make people smack their TVs to see if they still work…


Mastermind, Kanye West Intentionally produces a video that will make you want to find ….

Shut the fuck up. Kanye’s not an innovator. He’s a biter. Not only is his music on some raping hipsters from Baltimore and Paris and making their unwanted mainstream baby because they are pro-life, but he’s also ripping off that Man in the Moon movie about Andy Kaufman where he wants to fuck his Christmas special up to get people out of their seat and smacking their TVs. I figure that was 30 years ago, so media, stop sucking his big clit and stroke his insecure fake ego, shit’s been done.

I am really only posting this video to go with the pictures of the monster Kanye’s been fucking, Either she’s got cancer or a dick, I don’t fucking know, but I do know that these aren’t doing a good job putting the rumors that he like an nice broad shouldered, bald headed man to rub up next to….if you know what I mean…if you don’t I’ll spell it out for you…he’s a fucking homo.

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  • kanye west

    u just lost all mi respect with this post..first of all u are a fuckn homo and kanye west is not and just bcause the man can get some pussy and u cant doesnt mean u can talk shit about him..FUCK YOU WHOEVER DID THIS POST AND I WILL NEVER LOOK AT THIS STUPID PERVERTED ASS BLOG AGIN!!!

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