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Amanda Bynes and Her Legs Leave a Club of the Day

Amanda Bynes really loves her legs. She shows them off everywhere she goes. She shouldn’t get too dependent on these legs, you know use them as some kind of security blanket because you never know when you may accidentally step on a land mine and all your leg showing off comes to an immediate end. So time to bring out them tits and vag because based on this video, her personality’s not gonna take her very far…

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    Now thats alot better to look at than some brillo headed money.

  • frostyafterbirth’s mom

    I’d munch on this twat’s gash

  • Rihanna

    I come like a faucet when Chris does rape play with me , including ASS2MOUTH and spitting into my gaping stovepipe shitboxhole

  • cowbulls

    Yes those are some pretty legs. The more important question is does she know what to do with them to squeeze every last drop out of a man.


    Can I keep her legs after they get blown off?