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Kanye West and His Lesbian of the Day

Kanye West took his new girlfriend out shopping, because buying her shit is the only reason she’s hanging out with him, it’s all part of the deal, along with fucking him up the ass like he was one of her lesbian lovers with her massive strap-on, but that’s just because it’s not as gay that way. I am having a debate with my stepdaughter right now who says she looks like a cheap hooker from the 90s from the neck down and like a dad from the neck up holding a life jacket in the event she has to jump off the fuckin’ boat and escape this asshole rappers wratch, while I just think she looks like a dyke about to go out and chop up some wood and plant an organic garden, because when you denounce dick, you’re only serious about it if you end all meat intake.

It really doesn’t matter, some rapper I met from NYC this weekend seems to think Jesus Walks is an epic song, that Kanye’s an amazing producer and that he just talks to much. I think Kanye’s an insecure little baby with sexual identity issues, trying to convince himself that all teh positive reinforcement his mom gave him was actually reality, even if he never really felt in in his heart.

Either way, Amber Rose is ugly, whether she’s a dyke or a hooker or just some groupie hipster bitch trying to get ahead and again, who really gives a shit.

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  • n2tattoos

    i’d still hit it.

  • nice hangers

  • nunya

    It’s a dude! she probably has a bigger dick and set of balls than all of you combined.

    This coon loves the cock….typical!

  • sexxx

    They look the same.

  • Chris Brown

    I’d love to smack the piss out dis bitch

  • Bob Smith

    Let me get this straight… Kon-yay (hahaha) is supposedly this powerful rapper, and the best he can do is a butch lesbian? You’d think with the money and fame, you could do better.

  • out of hell

    Bob-a-roo, have you ever seen a picture of his mom? That bitch was manly, hence the reason for the surgery that killed her, so it is clear his bitch is her replacement.