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Christina Ricci and Her Hard Nipple at the Gas Station of the Day

Here are some pictures of Christina Ricci and her big ol’ head with a stupid fucking haircut, walking out of some kind of gas station with drinks she won’t be pouring all over her tits in video, because she hates her tits, she even tried to murder the fuckers a few years back by cutting them off, but the nipples may have survived, which isn’t something I can say for the rest of her looks, because there was a time she was the young goth I wanted to fuck, and now she just reminds me of the remains of the sacrificial animal she has burried in her backyard from those dark years, and by that I mean garbage…

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  • stalkerjoe

    She ties her runners the same way i do. that means we were meant to be together forever. :}


    I would still insert my penis in her vagina. Forreal.

  • n2tattoos

    She has the same car i do. that means we were meant to be together forever. :}

  • Wendel

    She looks a whole lot better with her hair down then pulled back.
    The kid’s got a dome you can play football under.

  • cowbulls

    That’s not her best look but she’s still hot.

  • “Country” Carl Schaber

    She looks like she really needs a shower.

  • spot

    that’s my girl on her way back too me with some energy drink to keep her going ALL NIGHT LONG ……….