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Eva Herzigova is in a Bikini on Vacation of the Day

It is Eva Herzigova’s birthday today, she just turns 36, at least that’s what Wikipedia said when I checked it to find out who the fuck this bitch was. Sure, I’ve written about her before, but I just don’t have a memory for these kinds of things, I figure you see one famous chick in a bikini, you’ve seen them all, and that’s why I just refer to all the women in my life as Sally, because learning one name is a lot easier than learning multiple names, so here’s Sally in her bikini, I guess having a good by party/retirement party/ golden handshake for her sex appeal, because menopause is just around the fuckin’ corner and I can taste the dessert storm pussy from here….or maybe that’s just shit residue on my hand from not washing….

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  • cowbulls

    Yikes. What happened to her body? Tell her to eat a couple of cheeseburgers so she will have something on that skeleton. I’m afraid those lunatics from PETAS have her in their cult and she’s not eating meat.