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Oh Shit…Kim Kardashian Shopping….WTF…OMG….of the Day

Guess what….Kim Kardashian went shopping because her whore ass has nothing better to do with all the money that came fuckin’ easy for her because she had a rich father who died, a whore mother who worked the wallet fuckin’ proper and who had no fucking problem getting fucked and pissed on on camera, something I don’t think is that big of a deal and tell girls over and over again, that everyone fucks and if they don’t they want to be fucking, and sice I’m not getting up in you, I might as well join in with the guy who is, via video, because I’d rather have that than nothing….that lead to her own show and more money that she can use on all the designer shit she needs along with approval from the public so I guess this post is about saying that instead of hating Kim Kardashian, we should take some fuckin’ notes, cuz her life is better than yours….and for someone who looks like she behinds the counter of a donut shop, that’s saying a lot and really who gives a fuck….

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