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Oh Shit…Kim Kardashian Shopping….WTF…OMG….of the Day

Guess what….Kim Kardashian went shopping because her whore ass has nothing better to do with all the money that came fuckin’ easy for her because she had a rich father who died, a whore mother who worked the wallet fuckin’ proper and who had no fucking problem getting fucked and pissed on on camera, something I don’t think is that big of a deal and tell girls over and over again, that everyone fucks and if they don’t they want to be fucking, and sice I’m not getting up in you, I might as well join in with the guy who is, via video, because I’d rather have that than nothing….that lead to her own show and more money that she can use on all the designer shit she needs along with approval from the public so I guess this post is about saying that instead of hating Kim Kardashian, we should take some fuckin’ notes, cuz her life is better than yours….and for someone who looks like she behinds the counter of a donut shop, that’s saying a lot and really who gives a fuck….

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  • Satan666

    i’d kill ,maybe maim someone to be able to piss on her… not fuck her, just piss on her…. maybe shit on her chest too.

    i have issues…

  • Hurricanes

    Is there a family that is more worthless than this one? Nothing but a bunch of herpes carrying losers.

  • kim’s slut ass mom

    People say she’s beautiful, but IMO she’s disgusting. She looks like trash. And once this idiot opens her mouth you just want to kill yourself with the stupidity that spews out of it. Seriously, if my child grew up to be this fucking stupid and shameless I would beat them to death… not just a little bruise like Chris Brown. It depresses me to see people like this go far in the world who have absolutely no intelligence what so ever.

  • kim’s slut ass mom

    * And I don’t see why people ALWAYS criticize Paris Hilton and not this lousy bitch. She did the EXACT same thing Paris did, except she’s even fatter. She even talks/acts like Paris and probably has the same intelligence level, if not lower because she wasn’t creative enough to come up with her own way to fame and copied Paris.


    push this cunt’s face into a pile of horseshit as I fuck her lil puckered bung inside out , coupla kidney punches make this armenian whore piss blood and beg for the release of strangulation , fade to black , cunt

  • fatchix ewwwgrosss

    this fat bitch reminds me of a midget…seriously all midgets have that big dumpy ass…how anyone thinks shes hot is beyond me…you see what race she has to stick to…white mans trash equals blackies treasure…lmao

  • One photo side with the flip-flops with drooping ass hanging out, resembles the women in line in any Walmart in Kentucky.
    Her ass was OK looking, gave the joint a squirm, now it’s just dumpy.
    She’s at the bottom of humiliation in her circle, pissed on most likely scat as well just never made it to light (yet) and reality TV doesn’t get any better, only down. C’MON! (I bet Ray did :>)

  • slick

    Wealth envy….it makes people sound so petty. Get over it, get off your sorry ass, and make something of your sorry lives instead of being envious pricks. Otherwise be happy with who you are and don’t worry about someone that has been fortunate or worked for what they have.

  • Bob Smith

    She has the fashion sense of a cocker spaniel.

    And I’m not slick enough to be jealous of a porn star. Although she’s a better porn star than Paris, who just would lay there in here.

    Kim gave some decent head in her porno and she knows how to take a load. Paris, it’s very clear, thinks sex is gross.

  • nick

    i cant fn stand her, but its funny how many ppl make her famous. u r right now lookn at her pics

  • Chris Brown

    her big ass is great but I think a black eye or some bruises on her neck and body would be phat

  • Rihanna

    I can take a punch way harder than this white bitch

  • Joe

    I’d like to see her in the blue outfit. The black is nice but too long.


    I want to touch the butt. With my penis. Alot.

  • Da_Boss

    yall sum mutha fucking haters yall wish yall had money lyk ha yall wish yall can be the topic of sum one’s conversation yall wish could look as gud as ha i bet the ppl who write dis hating ass shit is the main ones fat as hell ugly as fuck and cnt afford da mutha fucking socks on ha feet not da mutha fuckn eyelashes on ha face not even mutha fuckin rubberband on ha hair

  • The guy above my comment is a first class ghetto type gang banger want a be. Go back to school little man so you can learn to talk. If you can learn to talk, then maybe you can learn to read. If you can talk correctly and read, then maybe you can get a job so i don’t have to spend my tax dollars supporting your dumb ass while you are on welfare.