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Jessica Alba Shopping for Underwear of the Day

Jessica Alba was out shopping for underwear and no one cared because no one cares about Jessica Alba anymore and she only has herself to blame, see she was a the top of her game, the girl everyone wanted to fuck who couldn’t act, who was easy to replace cuz there are many hot girls in the world, but had so much momentum behind her that no one could really catch up, until she let her personal life get in the fucking way, and single handedly made herself obsolete by getting knocked up to keep her boyfriend who was about to leave her before she polluted her womb…Career Sucide, like real suicide is nothing to respect and I guess that’s why no one bothers with her except me, but that’s only because we have that Mexican connection despite her pretending she’s not Mexican….I guess she thinks we’re dirty….cuz she’s a snobby delusional cunt like that….at least the public are giving her what she fucking deserves….

Pics via Fame

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Kristin Cavallari’s Panty Ass goes Shopping of the Day

Kristin Cavallari is definitely a useless piece of shit, except when she’s showing off her panties when shopping, because any girl showing off panties when shopping, or pretty much anywhere has a use for at least on panty fetishist out there, giving her something to look forward to when her uselessness leaves her out of work again, before crawling back to her employers and last standing fan when she’s hardly needed hopin’ to get paid, but none of that matters, just look at her ass….fantasize about what those lace panties smell like, or where she has worn them before, or whether she’s been fucked in them, or masturbated with them, whether they have period stains in them, or a hole from her acidic pussy juice or just think that these panties are closer than you will ever be to her genitals, and these panties know every contour and fleshy lip ripple, they know if she is an inny or an outty, if her clit sticks out like a thumb, or if it is a mangled mess….and I guess you will too in a solid 15 years when she runs out of money and gets desperate unless of course she kills herself first.

Pics via Fame

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Lohan Takes Her Hot Tits Shopping of the Day

Lohan may look like a corpse or at least like something about to be a corpse thanks to her hard living but at least she’s the kind of corpse you don’t have to be a necrophiliac would like to stick his dick in, because let’s face it, she’s still got her tits, and even though I am not that much of a tit guy, I can still appreciate that people can take away her career, her status as a celebrity, her attempt at fashion design, but they cna’t take away her tits, so she’ll not only have a back up career plan if needed, but as long as she’s still got her tits, she’s got a fan in me no matter how rotton she smells.

Here she is shopping.

Pics via INFphoto
Pics via Bauer

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Ashlee Simpson Shows Off her Mom Ass of the Day

Ashlee Simpson proves that you can bounce back after getting knocked up when you are under 25, with a bi-sexual weirdo who won’t fuck you ever again now that he’s reproduced once and got that job done and got what he wanted, allowing him to stick to sticking it to boys the way his weird bi-sexual ass likes.

I guess her faster metabolism plays a part in getting her body skinny enough to want to fuck, but I lik to think it is just a combination of not eating and working out, that stems from the insecurity that a woman gets when the man they marry won’t fuck them after having his baby,making her think she’s disgusting and not good enough and trying to be proactive about it instead of killing herself over it or realizing it is really it is all because he just likes dick better that a ravaged pussy he saw throw up a baby.

Either way, I like to think a skinny Ashlee Simpson is some of Pete Wentz’s best work yet.

pics via INFphoto

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Lindsay Lohan and her Sloppy Dyke Tits Go Shopping of the Day

Recent fashion designer, chronic piece of garbage was out in NYC shopping, because that’s what she does, and she looked like fucking shit.

The end is probably near for Lohan, and the only excitement she’s brought us with the last year or so has been boring lesbian fights, staged house robberies, and pretty much no fucking pussy.

Lohan…Bring your pussy back. We know that you may be dying on the inside both physically and emotionally, but that damaged pussy is still barely alive and kickin’, ready to be let out of your damp, dirty expensive panties so stop keeping that shriveled flesh wound to yourself and get out of a car in a short skirt with no underwear, because there is a time we won’t be able to stomach lookin at that shit and you’ll have to retire it for good, but that time isn’t today.

You look like a cheap piece of shit whore, start acting like one and sort it the fuck out you sloppy tit HIV positive lookin’ ex-celebrity addict.

Pics via Bauer and PacificCoastNews and Fame

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Halle Berry Goes Shopping of the Day

Halle Berry sure has come a long way from the burlap sack and her no bed, no electricity, no running water shanty she shared with 40 other black families back on the plantation. I wonder if she ever looks back at the time when she was just a black kid watching her family working the plantation fields learning how to sew, you know a time that I bet she never thought she’d be in Hollywood all glamorous and on the big screen spending her afternoons buying herself designer clothes, living in designer houses, driving luxury cars and getting knocked up by white male models. The whole thing is like a fairytale, Disney should make a cartoon about her life or some shit….

Pics Via PacificCoastNews

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Lindsay Lohan Takes Her New Face Shopping of the Day

This is like a scene out of that movie Pretty Woman, not becauase Lohan’s lookin’ pretty, but because she’s lookin like a streetwalker who has landed a John dumb enough to give her his credit card to hit up the highend boutiques and buy herself something that makes her look presentable for all his upper class lawyer friends. Not only am I surprised that she still has money to buy all the expensive clothes she buys, but I’m also surprised at why her face looks like a Halloween mask and it’s only August, not to mention the boutique was nice enough to let her bring her Monkey inside to shop with her, which is a lot better than the store owners around me who yell at me when I bring my dog in, I guess because I’m not Lindsay Lohan and I didn’t star in a couple movies 5 years ago. Just another example of how life is unfair…..

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Lindsay Lohan Shoppin’ in a Tank Top of the Day

Here is some Lindsay Lohan shopping, because that’s all she does since she’s got all kinds of money and nothing better to do with herself, and she’s wearing a tank top, while covering up her tits, because her nipples are hard and she’d hate to accidentally turn on a dude, because it’s in her nature to jump on the shit and fuck it, and that doesn’t really work for her whole lesbianism.

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Lindsay Lohan’s Legs Keepin Busy of the Day

I like tracking Lohan’s whereabouts because I feel a connection with her, you know we both like pussy, we both have rancid genitals and neither of us have work or anything to do with our time, or anything going for us, I am a waste of space with no talent, while she’s just had her time to shine and the only real difference between us is I am broke and too lazy to wander the streets, so I turn to the internet to post random shit no one reads, while she goes out and spends all her child star money on useless shit.

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Bar Refaeli Goes Shopping of the Day

This bitch is substantially more interesting when she’s half naked, watching her shop, or lookin’ at pictures of her shop, which is pretty much the same fuckin’ thing, without having to leave the comfort of my AIDS couch, is boring as shit, so boring that I figured I’d post the pictures for you…

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Katie Price Shopping in Mesh of the Day

Katie Price was still in Ibiza this past weekend and she decided to go shopping in what seems to be the most useless dress in the history of fuckin’ dresses, I mean as far as dresses for functionality go, because I am sure you could find a whole lot of uses for this shit, whether, putting it on yourself and dancing in front of the mirror with nothing but a boner poking thru the shit, or if you’re lookin’ for easier access on girl you rape, but I just see there being no point to this shit, other than to tell the world that you’re like a tacky trashy pair of panties, with lacy frills on the side and herpes streak marks on the inside, only the real life human version.

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Lindsay Lohan’s Done Gone Shopping of the Day

Here’s Lohan shopping with her own little hype man who wears his Lohan hoodie so people know who they’re dealing with, not that someone like Lohan really goes under the radar, but you can never been too sure during this recession.

The reality is that she’s probably shopping with her little brother, and I think she looks amazing, I am not a fan of showering or washing my hair during the summer, because it clears out seats on the bus for me to travel in luxury, like if I had my very own car, which would be nice, except for that whole DUI shit I never dealt with, because I don’t like doing day to day errands, that happened years ago and that now I have to redo driving lessons and shit to get my shit back, which is even more work than day to day errands, and it’s not that big of a deal, because at least on the bus, I get to creep out girls.

Speaking of creeping out girls, hey Lohan, I’m coming for you, literally.

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Rihanna Goes Shopping with her Cleavage of the Day

You beat your woman for being a little slut who gets up in your business to teach her a fucking lesson, to let her know her place in the world, to explain the nature of things, that man is the boss strictly because the man can choke you out and before there were laws to ruin that for us, we were in complete control of the situation.

Now, a bitch can just get a restraining order and fuck off to the fuckin’ mall, dressed like a whore about to get on stage to dance for money, like you never beat her at all.

I hope these pictures secure to Chris Brown that dude’s a fuckin’ amateur spousal abuser. He’s gotta step up his game next time around, you know, so bitch don’t fuckin’ stray so that showin’ off a freedom that she should never have been allowed to have won’t be a fuckin’ issue.

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Lindsay Lohan is Still the Star in my Eyes of the Day

I love this security guard in this video, maybe it’s because I hate the paparazzi, but it’s probably because the dude is cool. He’s telling the scummy paparazzi to fuck off and when they tell him he’s taking his job too seriously, he keeps telling them to fuck off.

There’s no way you or anyone can really respect the asshole paparazzi with their cameras, sure I use their pictures all the time, but that doesn’t mean I think they are good at taking pictures or that I think shit is an honorable career, they are fucking theifs who try to rip everyone off with their shitty pictures and insane prices and they even killed Princess Diana.

Either way, I was walking my dog and he made friends with this emo kid. I’m talking skinny jeans, funny mohawk, artist t-shirt, who was probably in his early 20s. I was thinking to myself that shit is way too androngynous nowadays, like that dude really looks like a girl and when I asked his name and he told me it was Melanie, I still didn’t catch on to the fact that I was talking to a fuckin’ girl. I only realized while walking away what I just experienced and I am still confused about the whole thing.

Here are some pictures of a sexy Lohan sunglass shopping. People say she’s too skinny, but let me remind you, there is no such thing as too skinny, there is however such thing as too fat and unfortunately, I’m sitting next to her right now….

BONUS – Don’t pay any attention to Ali Lohan’s tight little shorts cameltoe, girl’s only 15 dude….I’m in Canada…14 is Legal…Not that I’d ever do a 14 year old…I’m just saying, we may not get Hulu, but we do get prime teen pussy….right….

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Jaime Pressly Buying Panties of the Day

I’ve spent many afternoons when I had nothing better to do, or even when I did have better things to do, sitting in or outside of an underwear store, you know window shopping, and by window shopping I mean following girls I wanted to fuck around to see what their little slut hands grabbed onto, because there is nothing hotter than watching them play out whether the sheer thong is going to make their ass look good and trying to figure out what they are planning on wearing it for, because even the most conservative girl has a naughty pair of panties, and I like to be the guy creepin on them when they buy it. The only mistake I’ve made with this hobby is overstaying my welcome and being banned from the store for offering my expert opinion or my help for trying anything on…

So seeing Jaime Pressly buying panties hits close to home and I like it.

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