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Some Lindsay Lohan Ronson Crisis Footage of the Day

I remember a time my wife wasn’t too fat to get her period. Those were horrible fucking weeks building up to the shit. Not because it meant no sex with her, because that was something I fucking celebrated, but it meant that she would be fucking nuts.

I can’t imagine what throwing drug, alcohol, insanity, lebsianism to the mix, but the whole thing is pretty fucking funny. Not cuz I hate Lohan or Ronson, but because I hate drama and their lives are so fucking stupid, makes for good times.

I’ve texted both of them, they didn’t answer, I don’t like being ignored or stood up via the internet. Cunts.

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  • queen

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  • Roberto

    Well it’s about fucking time you posted something! Finally tired yourself out jerking off all weekend.

    And why can’t I post in the fucking forums? Said I have to be fucking approved to post. What the fuck kind of bullshit is that Jesus. Get on the fucking ball!!

    Oh yeah, can you send me them 2 bitches email addie and or phone #’s.

  • Only in one of the celeb threads where posts require Satan’s approval.

  • HorneyLohanWanker

    News Flash. Skinny fucking dog ugly carpet muncher, texting on her phone. 400 paparazzi follow her every thumb gesture. Will she use punctuation? We are unsure at the moment, but will follow this breaking news to find out!

  • HorneyLohanWanker


  • Satan666

    Roberto, PM me at “Satan666” i will look at your user account and see if there is something wrong.

  • out of hell

    Roberto, when you get in tread lightly. jail sucks.

  • nunya

    so to post in the threads i need satan’s permission? wtf is this shit?
    Jesus is even lazier than i thought if he lets other users manage the forum.

  • Satan666

    nah… you only need permission in a couple sections that have “moderated” posts. the rest is a fucking free-for-all… trust me.

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