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Anna Faris Does Arena Magazine of the Day

Here are some pictures of Anna Faris lookin’ alright in Arena Magazine. What more really needs to be said, maybe that now you don’t need to buy the magazine because I am giving you all that is of value in it, but I probably shouldn’t say that, because when they come to me with lawyer’s letters saying that I’ve contributed to a loss of sales, it’ll be hard to deny that I believe that I did, not that anyone buys magazines anymore anyway, you can’t blame me for the fall of an industry, blame the Internet and evironmentalist hippie assholes tied to fuckin’ trees making the cost of paper too much to make sense. I don’t know what I am talking about again, I get on these useless rants and I figure I should spend more time on what is important, showering, drinking, napping.

So here are those pics while I get off the computer to rest my eyes in the shower drinking a beer.

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  • rain

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  • Satan666

    never really liked her nose but i dig her all around looks and attitude.

    she seems kinda next door girl-ish…

    kinda like the chick i stalked before she moved away and thought i wouldnt be able to find her… but she didnt know that i have a friend that works on the city of Longueuil website which has the database of all the license plates and the addresses of the owners… bitch you can’t run from me!!

  • roscoe

    starting to look like Courtney Love 5 or 6 surgeries ago.

  • nunya

    satan you make me giggle like a faggot

  • church

    “bitch you can’t run from me!” satan666… you’re my hero for the week!!!