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Natalie Portman and her Tight Ass Pants of the Day

I don’t know what’s going on with Natalie Portman’s Jew Ass, but those pants seem tight, but not as tight as the fullback underwear she’s has on underneath, that are squeezing her in ways that make her ass look like some kind of bread product you’d get at the Jewish deli down the street on sale during passover because jews are apparently bread haters and apparently are tight panty wearers, and I am ready to end it all by producing garbage like this, because I don’t know what to say about Natalie Portman, I was never a fan and never understood her appeal, but I do understand why she was the “it” girl for Jewish guys and that is because she doesn’t look like a rat like all the other Jewish girls in their lives….true story…

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  • oscar

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  • Free Larry Hoover

    That’s not what I call an ass but I’d still tap that before she goes all Golda Meir (she 28 this year so gets about 8 years to go).

  • Satan666

    i like jew girls, even the ones that look like rats because the jew girls like me….i have no idea why but jew chicks always seem to be into me.

    I’m cool with it cuz they are usually pretty generous with their parents’ money and will buy me food and shit on their way over…
    “Oh wait, do you think you can stop by and rent a movie too? Thanks baby….call me when you get there so you can tell me which movies they have….see you when you get here”

  • Skip

    American girls and their panty lines. Don’t they know what mirrors are for?

  • Expletive Big Man Politics

    Secretly i’m in love with Natalie, though I have as much a chance of being with her as I do being hit by lighting and being granted the powers to fuck girls remotely from the comfort of my bed.

  • anna

    Jews make good babies because they save up their sperm like they do their money and it all comes out in a magical explosion in their Jewish girlfriend’s vaginas making super babies that are fated to take over Hollywood when we are all in our 50s.

    True story.

  • roscoe

    Not hot and a bad actress to boot.