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Enrique’s Skinny Ass of the Day

Here’s everyone’s favorite child sex trade escape artist, turned to sport at 9 instead of being a 65 year old man’s little wives, Anna Kournikova. She’s looking nice and skinny, reminiscent of communist Russia, when she would have to wait in line for a stale loaf of bread designated to feed her family of 6 for 3 weeks, or maybe like some Russian Jews after rockin’ the concentration camp a few months and I like it. It’s that level of starvation that screams desperation, you know like “help me mister, I’m so fuckin’, hungry”, pretty much giving you the okay to fuck her throat, making her gag, but never making her puke since her stomach is empty….not that I have ever made a girl gag, I’m just not built like that, but you get what I am sayin, she’s skinny and I like it. Leave me alone.

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