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Jamie Pressly Smokin’ of the Day

You know what turns me on more than Jamie Pressly….the thought of her second hand smoke killin’ off her baby so that it can be just me and her in the world….unfortunately, second hand smoke only leads to asthma and other bullshit that isn’t fatal…meaning that if anything…the second hand smoke is just going to make STD of a kid more fucking needy and I guess that’s okay, since Jamie Pressly’s never shown much interest in me, you know, never answered me or reached out to me even after I went to all the trouble mailing her that statue I carved of her with my dick in her mouth out of a bar a soap last year. So I guess there’ no real hope in us ever fuckin’. I guess bitch thinks she’s better than me, well at least I get to watch her smoke like she’s some kind of private school girl trying to piss off her parents in pictures I didn’t take in a city I am not in. Why do I torture myself like this….

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