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Really Disturbing Video of the Day

Here’s a video of some really disgusting big of a woman talking about how she’s a freak with her daughter. She’s going on about how she wants to fuck 7 dudes at the same time and tries to get her daughter to figure out where the 7 dick would go. The daughter’s not as experimental as her mom, because she can only think of hands, ass, pussy, mouth and doesn’t realize her big ol’ mom can double vaginal/anal and that’s fucking gross.

Hearing her talk about how much she likes getting fucked up the ass, throws me the fuck off, I don’t really get why this is going down, but call me old fashioned, but this makes me sick to my fucking stomach and I’m pretty open minded, but I guess the disgusting factor’s gotta do with the way this bitch looks, give me a hot mom and daughter talking about tasting their own pussies and I’m gonna jerk the fuck off, throw this shit at me and I got no choice but to run the fuck away, but before I do, I gotta share it with you.

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  • Scam No More

    So true my friend.
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  • HotgirlUSA

    Oh wow! I got caught by one of those fake post.
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  • Nadia

    Ugh, She’s old, fat, and needs to stop at the salon. I don’t think she can find 7 guys to have sex with her

  • 7 = 2 hands, 2 feet mouth, pussy and ass :yuck

  • Mabel

    Guess I’m old school I would be mortified to have a convo like this with my Mom and I’m 35. When did it get cool to have these convos. A woman like this should be discussing the benefits of Jenny Craig vs Weight Watchers than talking about a gangbang with her child. Not even a sexual experience but a freaking gangbang. Damn when you got a ho for a mother!!

  • Danny

    my mom told me a story the oter day about how she was fucking my dad once and it went into her ass by accident and she cried for 20 minutes afterwards. this is just a little worse than that.

  • Expletive big man politics

    fuck it, this is too much, even for cougar loving fuck heads like myself.

  • fakkinsyit

    fukcing gross. this woman is a DISGUSTING lunatic.
    girl should institutionalize her mom ASAP.

  • liesel

    and i think my family is disfunctional…

  • PeachGirl

    Sadly, there will certainly be 7 men who will do it.

  • gia

    I think her daughter is more embarrassed by her mothers dancing than anything else…This woman isnt right in her head. She sounds & looks crazy.

  • nadia

    If she lost her virginity at 9 years old then I bet she was molested & thats her whole problem.

  • Clay

    Her voice sounds like Ruby Jean “Granny” Cuyler from Squidbillies.

  • brice

    I want her to tell me bedtime stories. : D


  • arbootioaks

    thats easily the grossest thing I’ve seen in a long, long time, but easily the funniest. Is there something wrong with me?
    I don’t know, but theres definitly something wrong with this fat bitch!

  • Cunty Cuntall

    I’d love to have sex with 7 blokes as well. 7 Cocks in my butt at the same time would make my dick so hard and make my testicle tingle !!

  • louise

    I got just got wet watching her.

  • Interestingly, this is how black people inherit their negativity; from black women.

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