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Really Disturbing Video of the Day

Here’s a video of some really disgusting big of a woman talking about how she’s a freak with her daughter. She’s going on about how she wants to fuck 7 dudes at the same time and tries to get her daughter to figure out where the 7 dick would go. The daughter’s not as experimental as her mom, because she can only think of hands, ass, pussy, mouth and doesn’t realize her big ol’ mom can double vaginal/anal and that’s fucking gross.

Hearing her talk about how much she likes getting fucked up the ass, throws me the fuck off, I don’t really get why this is going down, but call me old fashioned, but this makes me sick to my fucking stomach and I’m pretty open minded, but I guess the disgusting factor’s gotta do with the way this bitch looks, give me a hot mom and daughter talking about tasting their own pussies and I’m gonna jerk the fuck off, throw this shit at me and I got no choice but to run the fuck away, but before I do, I gotta share it with you.

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