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Murderer Slutting Out and Showing Off that She’s Still Alive of the Day

These are some pictures of Rebecca Gayheart and her husband on set of his show, Grey’s Anatomy, If you’re wondering what they are doing, they are showing their love. The same love the kid she ran over will never feel, because he’s fucking dead and is missing out on all kinds of things in life beyond just this public display of affection, like graduating school, making something of himself, having a career and kids, all while Rebecca Gayheart blatently advertises that she’s still alive motherfucker and that’s she’s fucking won cuz she didn’t even go to fucking jail for it. Show off.

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  • this is the first time I have ever written you to ask you to lay off a celeb…but Jesus..I love me some Reb. GAY heart/ Christ you can tell she is sick over killing that kid. I mean NO MAKEUP? She looks like shit. I dated a girl as pretty as she is when I was 23 which is saying something as I only date ugly chicks.

  • AMEN!!!

  • yeti

    Spare me romius. Some kid crosses the street on his way home from school, the car in front of Rebecca stops waves him across, but she’s too busy, to involved in her cell phone conversation to stop, so she passes the stopped car by driving in a 2-way left turn lane and kills this kid. Why does she deserve some sympathy? Hell, she didn’t even get jail time. SHE KILLED AN INNOCENT SCHOOL KID!

  • I agree she should go to jail. but instead of jail she should be sent to live with me in my underground basement. My mom will never know and none of the neighbors will either.

    I sound proofed the walls just in case I ever get a real g/f. SO if Becca was forced to live with me for a couple of years it would be sure as shit worse than going to jail.

    I have a ingrown toenail that is infected. It’s been infected for 4 months. its starting to smell. I think I should get it looked at but I just spent all money on paying my cell phone bill. I have priorities. I am not sure what that has to do with anything, but I am sure it would gross out MRS GAY HEART. Plus I would have sex with her.

  • anony

    Stupid cunt should have done YEARS in jail, like any other non-celebrity would have gotten.
    She’s not even that pretty or talented. Just LUCKY.
    There are constant blind items that supposedly refer to her as a big time drug user.
    No kidding.
    If I had to live with that guilt because I WAS TOO IMPATIENT TO WAIT BEHIND A LINE OF CARS WHILE ON MY CELL PHONE, I would probably have to kill myself.
    She should take the hint.

  • Sy

    The kid run across a busy road, she had the right of way. Didn’t his parents teach him road safety?

    All you sheep jump on a bandwagon without looking at the evidence, and she is not a murderer, Accidental Cause of death is Manslaughter.

    Goto school before assuming you have the right to speak.

  • bob

    Whatever people, kids are a fucking pain in the ass. I hate kids, the more dead the marrier.

    But anyway, I swear to god kids aren’t taught to look both ways anymore. I don’t know the situation but shit happens – and I always see stupid whore moms (Oakville, ON) just jumping in front of my car with their god damn kids, don’t look both ways and I have to break for their ass… I just can’t believe it! My mom always stressed looking both ways and all that safety shit. It’s no wonder they get hit… and come on if you’re in a big SUV you can’t see those little shits jumping infront of your bumper. And who gives a shit if bitch was on her cell? WHO THE FUCK ISN’T? Every other car I see, bitch is on their cell, give it a fucking break… and it’s ILLEGAL in this fucking province, but that doesn’t stop no one.

    I agree with Sy above, it’s an accident, obviously she didn’t go ‘die bitch’ and slam on the gas and run over the little bugger. She’s probably traumatized… hell I was traumatized after getting in a fender bender, she must feel terrible.

  • Amber Taylor

    I remember when this happened back in ’01.
    But I always liked her cuz she was the Noxema girl.

    I still like her, even if she is an accidental murderer.
    I’m sure she had to do some community service or something over it, so it’s not like she got off scott-free.

  • anony

    Lay off a celeb??!?!?
    Not this one.
    She paid for the kids funeral and gave the family some money but that in NO WAY excuses what she did.
    If I was a producer, I’d hire Lohan before I’d hire her.
    Maybe she’ll just OD on drugs….