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Rebecca Gayheart’s Baby Hasn’t Been Run Over By A Bitch on a Cellphone Yet of the Day

I don’t think I am allowed to called Rebecca Gayheart a muderer because she got off from running over the kid who wouldn’t have died if she hadn’t run him over, becuase being from Hollywood means good lawyers, and good lawyers make shit the kids fault for jaywalking, when every other car didn’t run the kid over because the drivers weren’t in a rush to their bullshit appointments that clearly never helped her career because she’s all self righteous, self absorbed, life she things is so important…..

So I like to check in with her pregnancy every once in a while to see if Karma’s got his revenge yet, or if he’s going to wait until the kid is older and she’s more attached to it….I guess we’ll wait and see….

Pics via Fame

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Rebecca Gayheart’s Murderer Lunch of the Day

While Rebecca Gayheart is out having lunch at some fancy spot called Cafe Med, guess what the girl she ran over was doing? Come on, I’ll give you three chances…ok fine, I’ll just tell you…the girl Rebecca Gayheart ran over was busy being DEAD while Rebecca Gayheart was out having lunch at some fance spot called Cafe Med.

I guess this is further proof that the world isn’t unfair, but not unfair enough for Gayheart to get her period in these white pants, which would have been really fucking entertaining….it’s be like the blood shed of the little kid she killed’s head when she got ran the fuck over over, on the vagina/uterine lining version….where only the pants have to get cremated and not little kids….

If any of you want to know what freedom looks like, when freedom is clearly not deserved, but paid for with good lawyers, here are the pictures of this murdering cunt…….

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Obama is a Murderer of the Day

This video just goes to show you that Obama is either some Karate Kid motherfucker, who can kill flies with chopsticks, or that dude’s just not black, he’s also a murderer, you know keeping things gangster to get street cred, so that he can come up in this rap game with other people’s respect. I guess the truth is that he doesn’t respect anything that didn’t vote for him, that means he’s comin’ for you cowboy.

I don’t know why I am posting this, I just have a feeling other people are going to, so fuck it, let’s jump on the follow train.

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Murderer Slutting Out and Showing Off that She’s Still Alive of the Day

These are some pictures of Rebecca Gayheart and her husband on set of his show, Grey’s Anatomy, If you’re wondering what they are doing, they are showing their love. The same love the kid she ran over will never feel, because he’s fucking dead and is missing out on all kinds of things in life beyond just this public display of affection, like graduating school, making something of himself, having a career and kids, all while Rebecca Gayheart blatently advertises that she’s still alive motherfucker and that’s she’s fucking won cuz she didn’t even go to fucking jail for it. Show off.

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Jimmy Kimmel Kills Old People of the Day

I saw this clip yesterday and thought it was funny, not because it is Jimmy KImmel, let me say that again, this is not funny because of Kimmel, what is funny is that some woman died watching his show and he tries to blame the Jonas Brothers for it, because they were on the show around the time she died, and because it’s easy to blame the virgins, but we all know that the Jonas Brothers had nothing to do with it, and the fact that Jimmy Kimmel has a show does. We know she sat there trying to figured out how the fuck a guy like that gets his own show and figured it was time to step out of the party that was her 88 year old life. It’s one of those, thanks for the good times world, but it’s time to finish my drink, put my jacket on and walk the fuck away from the shit show this party has become, like the time I went to a friend’s birthday and all the girls left by midnight and the dudes started wrestling each other and furniture topless, so I stole the beer and snuck out, only in this case, bitch won’t be heading to the strip club to de-gay herself, but instead she’s 6 feet under. Point of the story is that I am surprised she wasn’t watching Carson Daly when she died, because he’s even worst than Kimmel….

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