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Rebecca Gayheart’s Murderer Lunch of the Day

While Rebecca Gayheart is out having lunch at some fancy spot called Cafe Med, guess what the girl she ran over was doing? Come on, I’ll give you three chances…ok fine, I’ll just tell you…the girl Rebecca Gayheart ran over was busy being DEAD while Rebecca Gayheart was out having lunch at some fance spot called Cafe Med.

I guess this is further proof that the world isn’t unfair, but not unfair enough for Gayheart to get her period in these white pants, which would have been really fucking entertaining….it’s be like the blood shed of the little kid she killed’s head when she got ran the fuck over over, on the vagina/uterine lining version….where only the pants have to get cremated and not little kids….

If any of you want to know what freedom looks like, when freedom is clearly not deserved, but paid for with good lawyers, here are the pictures of this murdering cunt…….

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    I would be happy to punish Ms. Gaylord by raping her on the dead girls cemetery plot.

    I bet Ms. Gaylord feels a certain sense of guilt release after wards also.

    It would be a win-win as my baby goo would be dribbling out of her cunt and ass, and the dead girl could get some sloppy seconds, you know, by osmosis.

  • Droseph

    It was a 9 year old BOY, retards.

  • Trap Them and Kill Them

    “Gayheart struck and fatally injured the boy as he jaywalked.The vehicles in front of Gayheart stopped to permit him to cross.Unwilling to wait,Gayheart maneuvered her vehicle around the other cars,pulling into a two-way left-turn lane to pass them and struck him.Her attorney admitted Gayheart had been using a cell phone during impact.
    While awaiting criminal charges in the incident she was involved in another auto accident.”

    Not 1 day in jail,this is one free-wheeling,free-to-roam manslaughtering remorseless bitch.

  • HollyWood Justice

    The bitch also got a $1,280 fine and suspension of license for 1 year. How the fuck is that possible? She was not under the influence. This was MURDER and nothing else!!!

  • K

    Rape…nice. Weak men always fall back on that don’t they? If only you were a real man, women would like you. Don’t worry hun, there is always porn.

    If I were her I would have handled it differently, but murder means INTENT and she did not intend to do it. It’s not murder, but a horrible accident. Jaywalking also means that the boy was not supposed to be there, which would make it even less her fault. I don’t fault the boy either…who hasn’t jaywalked? Was she supposed to crawl in a hole and die herself? She moved on, as should you.
    Is there a little lack of justice here…sure, but we all pay for our mistakes at the end, as will you.

    Future rapist.

  • Amber Taylor

    I thought it as a little boy she ran over?

    Anyway, she got her license suspended for a whole year, that’s pretty harsh, I think.
    & wasn’t it a Mexican kid she killed?

    He was probably one of like 13 kids. It’s not like they’re irreplaceable.

  • Dave’s Not Here

    K – take your liberal ass as stick it in on broomstick somewhere.

    … or is that just another “busy Friday night” for you?

    Murder? Involuntary manslaughter? Take your pick, loser. I can wait.

    BTW, if it had been YOU behind the wheel; you think the judge would’ve have given you a suspended license? Srsly??

    And if you were black and the kid white; you’d be dead from (police-assisted) “suicide”.