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Rebecca Gayheart’s Baby Hasn’t Been Run Over By A Bitch on a Cellphone Yet of the Day

I don’t think I am allowed to called Rebecca Gayheart a muderer because she got off from running over the kid who wouldn’t have died if she hadn’t run him over, becuase being from Hollywood means good lawyers, and good lawyers make shit the kids fault for jaywalking, when every other car didn’t run the kid over because the drivers weren’t in a rush to their bullshit appointments that clearly never helped her career because she’s all self righteous, self absorbed, life she things is so important…..

So I like to check in with her pregnancy every once in a while to see if Karma’s got his revenge yet, or if he’s going to wait until the kid is older and she’s more attached to it….I guess we’ll wait and see….

Pics via Fame

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  • scatmaster

    anyone with the last name with gay or anything that rhymes with it deserves to die. watch your back gay ray jay.

  • Expletive:BMP

    admittedly all gays should be rounded up and shot, no wait what, o, i get it, you meant any one with gay in their names not that they’re actually gay, i get carried away sometimes.

  • Anony

    A stillbirth would be appropriate for this cunt.

  • DMZ

    Well I would hope the baby doesn’t have to suffer because it’s mother is a self-center, fucking ugly cunt. A much better solution would be to have this bitch die during child birth and the baby getting adopted by a well meaning “normal”, non-Hollywood family. Oh yeah and the family of the child she killed get 50% of her estate tax-free, the other half goes to the baby.