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Rob Ford is the Coolest Mayor in the History of Mayors of the Day

I don’t pop molly, but I would smoke crack with Rob Ford, because he is the coolest mayor in the history of mayors…prior to crack, he embezzled money, people have gone missing, he was on the news saying he didn’t tell a girl he wanted to eat her pussy, because he has pussy at home…and now he’s fat man running…and tackling a dude…wherever the fuck this is…I mean I think is the best thing to happen to Canada since Drake….at least in comedic value!! It’s amazing.

Here’s a Chris Farley / Rob Ford Mash-Up…

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Obama is a Murderer of the Day

This video just goes to show you that Obama is either some Karate Kid motherfucker, who can kill flies with chopsticks, or that dude’s just not black, he’s also a murderer, you know keeping things gangster to get street cred, so that he can come up in this rap game with other people’s respect. I guess the truth is that he doesn’t respect anything that didn’t vote for him, that means he’s comin’ for you cowboy.

I don’t know why I am posting this, I just have a feeling other people are going to, so fuck it, let’s jump on the follow train.

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Rose McGowan Wearing a Mask and Talking Politics of the Day

I don’t know why Rose McGowan is wearing some weird costume, but I guess after you’ve been engaged to Marilyn Manson, everyday becomes Halloween. It’s probably safe to guess that they were at some kind of event and heading home and when the paparazzi pulled her to the side to ask her something cheap, brainless and ridiculous for TMZ, she steps it up and rips into the state of California. Now I don’t normally like talking to girls who are smart or well spoken, I kinda like my woman retarded and goldfish like, except for that time I got hard for a doctor when getting an STD test back when they used the Q-Tip down the tip, but luckily my dick’s so small she had no idea because they don’t teach about that in med school. Thank god because it saved me a whole lot of embarrassment.

On a side note, I’ve been working on making lifestyle changes to give me a penis worth talking about, so despite all the reports about lap tops being bad for your cock if you actually use them on your lap, I’ve been spending a solid 4 years, 10 hours a day doing it, not because I like living dangerously, but because I hope some HULK shit happens where one day my cock mutates and rips through my pants and runs out the door fighting crime and by fighting crime I mean getting blow jobs.

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Family Guy’s McCain / Palin Nazi Joke of the Day

So family guy did a funny joke where the baby and the dog and the Jewish awkward guy go back in time to Nazi Germany and are getting some heat because they put a McCain/Palin button on one of the Nazi Uniforms.

I think Family Guy is the best show on TV, I don’t really watch TV so I am probably not the person to make TV recommendations, but every episode I’ve seen has had at least one obscure and truly funny thing, and since everyone is shitting on me for being a talentless hack, which is probably true and something I have never denied, because I like to think you’re the one landing here, I’m not the one throwing anything down your throat, so you got to deal with your choices and not bother me about it, especially when I am hating on everything because it makes me feel better about my miserbale existence, and existence made more miserable when SNL fans email me complaining about how it’s so fucking amazing, because I hate on SNL and I hate you for liking it, so I guess we’ll never be friends.

So as I throw out all my dreams I have of us spending the day playing squash together, or getting a beer together, or hitting on girls together, because we just won’t work out (no homo), I decided to post this clip recognizing something good.

Now I am not a McCain or Obama supporter, so don’t email me whining about how it is funny because I am a nigger-lovin’ terrorist left wing piece of shit, like all the republicans out there have been doing up until now, I am in Canada, and it’s just a good joke. So instead of emailing me, how about walking out to your barn, pulling out one of your NRA edition rifles with Chaleton Heston’s face carved into the handle, and put yourself out of your misery and for those of you aren’t too uptight about your political party, you may be able to see the humor in this.

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McCain Refused to Shake Obama’s Hand of the Day

I guess he doesn’t want his racist supporters thinking he’s down with black muslim people, you know considering them citizen’s and all, because if he did shake Obama’s hand he’d have a lot of ‘splainin’ to do to the hicks of America who make up the majority of his supporters, as to why he touched them there Aye-Rab Negro, knowing that Aye-Rab Negros are trying to explode America. I do have to give him some credit for making his wife do his dirty work, it’s like that time I shit the bed when drunk and refused to clean it up, because I thought it would lead to my wife being disgusted enough to sleep on the floor where she belongs, but instead she just changed the sheet, not to suggest that black muslim’s are the equivalent to shit, but they are to McCain, at least that’s what this video’s telling me….and videos don’t lie.

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Jessica Alba’s Declare Yourself Commercial of the Day

I went out drinking hard last night. I woke up 20 minutes ago still drunk. This was the first thing I saw in my email and the worst thing to listen to when waking up feeling like death. I have a hard enough dealing with my wife yelling at me, that the last thing I want to do on a leisurely Saturday morning is hear Alba screaming at me. It’s reasons like this that man invented spousal abuse. I get what she’s trying to do, she’s just pretty much failed at doing it. Next time she should show more cooter, even if it is now built to smuggle her Mexican family into the US now that she’s had a baby, it’s still more appealing than this crap.

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Some US Politics Post of the Day

Here’s Palin – Proving that she is a fucking idiot who has no idea what she is talking about and no business running the country….I didn’t watch it because I was too busy lookin for bank owned properties….

If you are reading this post, it means you haven’t sold your computer to pay your mortgage, but I figure you will have to soon. I think it’s funny that McCain’s going to win, just because Obama is black, and this video of Sarah Palin is Hysterical because she has no idea what the fuck is going on.

Here’s an email a reader sent me….

As you can see with the info I’ve provided, Sarah Palin does not endorse free speech or disclosure of what she is saying:


The cunt has done everything possible to stay out of the public eye and when she is forced to be in front of the voting public she won’t allow reporters – only photographers; you aren’t going to catch her saying anything she wasn’t supposed to.  It’s been almost a month and still no press conferences.

Sort of like how she ducked out of telling Bristol Palin about how babies are made. Now her teenage daughters pussy is defiled and a mutated human/First Nation-esque child is growing inside her womb and it will come back to haunt every tax paying US citizen. Sarah Palin should learn that “being a maverick” basically means that some guy is going to cum inside you and leave you with 18+ years of shitty problems. She never learned the art of showing respect to elders/voters; she is quite happy to lie to any and everyone to get more; even if it means giving birth to some white trash daddy kid(s).

Sarah Palin is being used by McCain to try and capture female voters – but it isn’t working… All women aren’t stupid and they know that Palin is nothing more than a semen bucket for old men like John McCain. Hopefully John McCain uses her clown car/pussy to the fullest and then they both go away knowing that they are worthless and their only contribution is to further embarrass US citizens on the world stage. The only good that can come from Palin/McCain is that he’ll get to fuck some new pussy. Hopefully it won’t piss his rich wife/money source off too bad cause his gimpy hand won’t allow him to do anything constructive.


Here’s some more good info: McCain’s people have been getting $15,000 a month from Freddie Mac and McCain’s campaign manager (Rick Davis,) has made more than $2 million off the deal:

Enjoy the debate tonight, not because it is going to be exciting to see you choose the worst possible candidate, but because it could be one of the last TV shows you watch before the bank comes to collect your TV cuz you can’t pay your bills. I am pretty excited to move in on your cities with 500 dollars in hand that will make me the richest person in town and all the hungry sluts will crawl to me and suck my dick in exchange for a cracker.

Here’s David Letterman ripping into McCain for ditching out on his show…..

I am only a few days late on this shit…..but that’s because I don’t really care

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I am – Jessica Robinson Press Secretary Naked of the Day


Her name is Jessica Robinson and she is the press secretary for the Gov of Missouri and these are her nudes pics. They hit the internet about a month ago, but since I have no idea who this bitch was and even after reading about her I had to google maps Missouri because it is the state we all pretend doesn’t exist.

That said, I didn’t know about her nude pics. I guess what it comes down to is who gives a fuck, everyone is naked on the internet now, with sex tapes and webcam pictures and it’s really not a big fucking deal. The positive in all this is that in the next 10 years you won’t have to wear pants to work because your co-workers will already know what you look like while jerking off because of your seedy internet past and I guess in 20 years you’ll be able to jerk off in public, for the same reason, but it takes time to condition the masses, especially the bible thumpers to change the law on this….if you want to help the cause, start jerking off in random places, like park benches and in changing rooms of stores, because change can only start with you.

Either way, who gives a fuck that this bitch gets naked on the internet documenting stages of her pregnancy, which isn’t really as sexy as taking pictures of her on all fours with her husband in her ass, especially considering the baby will get tangled in that fucking bush on it’s way out, but since I love bush and I love naked people in the news, even if it’s not my news but you small town farmer news, you St Louis livin’ fucker, here are the pics.

For the story go HERE

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