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The Paparazzi Asking Audrina About What She Thought of the Debate of the Day

Asking Audrina about politics is like asking a gerbil for it’s opinion on the genocide in Rawanda. Both are entertaining for some, but leave you little to work with. The empty whore with no soul who everyone is in love with right now is fucking useless and despite not really having any obligation to answer the canned shitty questions from the paparazzi, could at least use her platform for some insight on something, if she just knew what the definition of insight is, and for girls like Audrina, thank fucking god there’s such thing as breast implants, because without them, she’s be scared and alone in her parents house with an exciting future of marrying someone rich lined up for her. Either way, the video sucks, but I am posting it anyway.

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McCain Refused to Shake Obama’s Hand of the Day

I guess he doesn’t want his racist supporters thinking he’s down with black muslim people, you know considering them citizen’s and all, because if he did shake Obama’s hand he’d have a lot of ‘splainin’ to do to the hicks of America who make up the majority of his supporters, as to why he touched them there Aye-Rab Negro, knowing that Aye-Rab Negros are trying to explode America. I do have to give him some credit for making his wife do his dirty work, it’s like that time I shit the bed when drunk and refused to clean it up, because I thought it would lead to my wife being disgusted enough to sleep on the floor where she belongs, but instead she just changed the sheet, not to suggest that black muslim’s are the equivalent to shit, but they are to McCain, at least that’s what this video’s telling me….and videos don’t lie.

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