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Family Guy’s McCain / Palin Nazi Joke of the Day

So family guy did a funny joke where the baby and the dog and the Jewish awkward guy go back in time to Nazi Germany and are getting some heat because they put a McCain/Palin button on one of the Nazi Uniforms.

I think Family Guy is the best show on TV, I don’t really watch TV so I am probably not the person to make TV recommendations, but every episode I’ve seen has had at least one obscure and truly funny thing, and since everyone is shitting on me for being a talentless hack, which is probably true and something I have never denied, because I like to think you’re the one landing here, I’m not the one throwing anything down your throat, so you got to deal with your choices and not bother me about it, especially when I am hating on everything because it makes me feel better about my miserbale existence, and existence made more miserable when SNL fans email me complaining about how it’s so fucking amazing, because I hate on SNL and I hate you for liking it, so I guess we’ll never be friends.

So as I throw out all my dreams I have of us spending the day playing squash together, or getting a beer together, or hitting on girls together, because we just won’t work out (no homo), I decided to post this clip recognizing something good.

Now I am not a McCain or Obama supporter, so don’t email me whining about how it is funny because I am a nigger-lovin’ terrorist left wing piece of shit, like all the republicans out there have been doing up until now, I am in Canada, and it’s just a good joke. So instead of emailing me, how about walking out to your barn, pulling out one of your NRA edition rifles with Chaleton Heston’s face carved into the handle, and put yourself out of your misery and for those of you aren’t too uptight about your political party, you may be able to see the humor in this.

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I am – Family Guy Ripped Off My Writing Style of the Day

Here’s a little bit of a bold statement that I don’t think is too far fetched, because I think I am fucking awesome…well actually I don’t, but for the sake of this post, I am fucking awesome. That bold statement is that Family Guy ripped off my writing style. People who actually get writing jobs are usually assholes with college education who rip off people like you and me on the internet. I was watching some Eddie Murphey interview and he spoke about how he ripped off old movies for most of his characters. That his spin on them was what was original not the actually character….ripping people off is common.

Point of this is to say Family guy is a really smart show, smarter that I am. They have a solid writing team and they push jokes so far that it’s funny. I never watch Family Guy, but the times that I have, I have found it to be good. A few people emailed this video into me, and I watched it and although the words in the text aren’t words I would use. The run-on sentences, the random stories, I would even go on to say the incest jokes, but everyone does incest jokes…screams “DrunkenStepfather”.

I know there’s no way to prove this, I know there’s no way to make money off this, but why the fuck couldn’t assholes have offered me a high paying job writing for their stupid show instead of biting my shit. Fuck you Family Guy.

I don’t read other sites, so maybe I am a hack, maybe I am not an original, maybe everyone writes like me but I know that my grammar skills suck dick, my influences are myself and shit I’ve seen and that I use commas a lot and that a professional writer couldn’t come up with this shit because he’s too trained and proper. I am convinced that I was ripped off by Family Guy.

I have seen my jokes slowly used on other sites, in movies, all over the place. I just never paid much attention to it because since I have such shitty traffic, I figured that maybe my jokes are standard, common, obvious. I remember watching 40 year Old Virgin and thinking that those assholes got some of their shit from the site again I never got paid for it.

The internet is a big place and a lot of people from all walks of life can land here, so if you are that Family Guy writer. I will find you and make you bleed, unless of course you send me money, then we can be best friends for life.

If you don’t think this Family Guy clip is at all like my site and that I am just a psycho, that’s fine, but 5 people have emailed me and that’s 1/2 my readers…so I can only assume you agree and if you don’t, I’ll make you bleed, unless of course you send me money….you get what I am saying…

I feel like when that bully used to steal my lunch money, no wait that didn’t happen to me, I was the bully and I was stealing the kids lunch money…so I feel like the kid who’s lunch money I used to steal. Karma’s a bitch….

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