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Drew Barrymore Tries to be Glamorous for Grey Gardens

I spent an entire night watching Grey Gardens, the original documentary is pretty amazing. You know seeing these crazy ladies in this run down house, living with raccoons and a million cats, totally droppin out of the society life they were raised in and the whole story fascinates me.

What doesn’t fascinate me is Drew Barrymore, sure based on her look, or lack there of, I don’t quite get why she has a career, but then I remember that her entire family is in the entertainment industry and that she was thrown onto the screen when she was 4, before she grew up to be an ugly, piggish, annoying actor.

Based on Drew Barrymore’s teeth, it looks like the Garden isn’t the only Grey thing at the event, what a fucking mess.

Go on Youtube and Search Grey Gardens, it is 11 parts but worth watching. Do it.

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  • alex

    You called her an “ugly, piggish, annoying actor”?

    This post speaks more to your character than her looks or abilities.

  • DD

    Her hair looks really awful. Awful!

  • KAG

    horrible actress, she looks like a drag queen right there

  • Fingerbanger

    Wouldn’t wanna fuck her. I pity the fool that has to come near those teeth. Rich people shouldn’t be that ugly.

  • nunya

    give her a break, she probably tries to live green and help the enviroment by brushing her teeth with dick cheese instead of toothpaste.

    But i agree the whole 70’s sexually confused tranny is kinda old.

  • Perv

    That is NOT Derw Barrymore unless she has had a ton of plastic surgery and these pics are photoshopped to hell. She doesn’t even look half that good.

  • roscoe

    Why won’t she go away? And take Cameron Diaz with her.

  • Trap Them and Kill Them

    Why am i still being subjected to this lame whore(and yeah,C. Diaz too) and her celluloid drivel,this bitch shoulda OD’d in the 90s.I found myself driving behind her on the P.C.H. one night in ’97 and was gonna do the world a solid by ramming her into the Pacific but then Bittersweet Symphony came on the radio and i got into it…